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Indulge In These Feel-Good Holiday Movies On Netflix

Slightly cheesy but oh-so-good

Holiday movies are notorious for being slightly cheesy, but that's not always a bad thing. Sometimes we just want to put on a fun, lighthearted movie with a familiar plot that we can smile at and enjoy with family and friends. Pop the popcorns, prep the peppermint-cocoa drinks, put on some cosy PJs and just sit back — this is most certainly the time to relax. Indulge in these almost-cheesy but incredibly heart-warming holiday movies on Netflix.

Christmas on the Square

The talented lady that brought us 9-5I Will Always Love You and Islands In The Stream is back with another musical. Yes, that's right! Beloved singer-songwriter Dolly Parton is starring in a holiday-themed movie this year. Christmas on the Square tells the story of Regina Fuller (played by Christine Baranski), a rich woman who goes back to her hometown to evict the residents from their homes by Christmas Eve while a certain "Angel" (played by Dolly Parton) attempts to change her heart. It's an ensemble musical with a straightforward plot, plenty of beautifully choreographed numbers and a sprinkle of magical realism.

Best for: People who love cheesy, heartfelt musicals. You'll be humming the tunes all season!

A California Christmas

Not everyone experiences the "typical" holiday season — with snow and other winter things — so we're glad that this year we have a film that's relatable to us in the tropics. But even without the usual cosy setting, this romantic-comedy holiday movie still gives us all the snuggly feels. A story with a classic plot where posh city boy meets (and eventually falls in love with) humble can't-be-impressed-with-your-hundred-dollar-suits country girl, A California Christmas is a film where you can expect silly fish-out-of-the-water humour and cheesy "will they, won't they" scenarios. 

Best for: Those who love watching romantic comedies for the laughs and the guaranteed happy ending.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again

Move over Parent Trap, The Princess Switch saga just upped their game with not just one, not just two but three characters switching places. This time around we're introduced to an aristocrat, a new character by the name of Lady Fiona Pembroke who is a cousin of Princess Margaret. Just in case her Maleficent-esque entrance didn't give it away, Lady Fiona is about to shake things up with her villainous tendencies. All in all, one of the loveable holiday movies to catch this season.

Best for: High School Musical fans who would love to see Vanessa Hudgens play the personality of Gabriella and Sharpay at the same time. 

Jingle Jangle

This movie is not at all related to the fictional recreational drug of the same name from Riverdale so don't expect cults or scary stalkers in this story. Far from being a saucy controversial tale, this particular Jingle Jangle is a film that you can watch with your little nieces and nephews. It starts with toymaker Jeronicus Jangle and his creation — Don Juan Diego, a sentient matador doll who's upset that he'll be mass-produced. To stop this, Don Juan Diego convinced an apprentice of Jeronicus to run away with his boss' ideas and prized doll (which is Don Juan Diego himself). Years later, Jeronicus' estranged young granddaughter graces the scene to save the day.

Best for: Those who loved the dreamy aesthetic of The Golden Compass, The Chronicles Of Narnia and other adventure films featuring young heroes. 

Christmas Crossfire

Not all cheesy movies involve romance or follow a wonderful hero's journey. Sometimes, cheesy also applies to over-the-top thriller plots with an overly suspenseful pace and a comedic ensemble who sprouts one-liners scene after scene. Christmas Crossfire is one of those; add the holiday factor and you get an enjoyable, guilty-pleasure film. It's about a man who prevented a crime during the holidays and must now flee the killers to save his life and their target.

Best for: Those who love cheesy comedy thrillers who don't mind lending suspension of disbelief for larger-than-life plots.

Which of these holiday movies to catch on Netflix are you keen to stream?

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