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In the rush that we call life, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. That’s why it's important to find a self-care routine that fits your lifestyle. This routine revolves around overall wellness, and so exercising is definitely part of it. Normally, you’d find time to head to the gym and sweat it out there. But what if you’re a homebody and would like to torch those calories right at the comfort of your home? Well, these YouTube channels are just what you need to keep fit.

PopSugar Fitness

They have workouts from a diverse cast of instructors — Simone de la Rue, Jeanette Jenkins, Christa DiPaolo, JJ Dancer and Jake DuPree to name a few. The workouts they show are just as diverse as their instructors. From celebrity-inspired workouts and HIIT to yoga, you'll surely find a routine that suits your taste.  

We recommend starting with their 20-minute STRONG by Zumba Cardio and Full-Body Toning workout as a fun jump-off.

Yoga with Adriene

Her videos range from 30 minutes to one-hour ones to month-long practices. But don’t feel intimidated even if you haven't tried yoga before. She makes you feel welcome in practice despite only seeing her through a screen. At the same time, she challenges you to push past your limits and discover things in yourself you may not have known before. 

Kick things off with Adriene's Yoga For Beginner's Mind.

Kayla Itsines

Known for her quick exercise videos, Itsines' workouts lean more on the traditional spectrum but don’t let that discourage you from trying her workouts. She can make you sweat buckets with short, high-intensity videos that you can mix-and-match right in the comfort of your home.

Up for a challenge? Try following Kayla's Push Up video.


Head to the Blogilates channel whenever you're pressed for time but still want to crunch in a bit of workout. Her videos are short and sweet (in a conversational and workout sense), which is perfect for those who are on the go. Also, she makes you feel comfortable in your body, which is great for motivating you to hone your body to become the best version it can be.

Up for some multi-tasking? Workout while watching the TV. Yes, you can! Blogilates's Cassie shows you how here.


The couple behind FitnessBlender offers a smorgasbord of fitness content in an accessible way. They provide workout programs; meal plans; and health, nutrition and fitness information on their channel and website. They are extremely helpful, especially for beginners who want that guiding hand when it comes to starting your fitness journey.

We suggest trying their Low Impact Cardio Workout video before moving on to something heavier.

Looking for a more specific type of workout? Find the one that best suits you according to your zodiac sign.



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Kool in peach

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Fluff it up

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