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Your Beach Babe Style, According To Your Horoscope

Summer guide from the stars

When we hear the word “summer,” we automatically think of the beach. But aside from the sun and sea, there is one more thing that we really love about this hot weather: the fashion. From bikinis to breezy dresses, we give you the perfect beach babe vibes to exude this season, as assigned by your guiding stars.


Known for her bold attitude, an Aries woman is made for adventurous styles, patterns and accessories. This is why boho and gypsy-esque elements are just right up your alley.


You’re not really the type to bask in the sun all day; you’d rather relax in the cool comfort of a cabana. Comfortable, minimalistic off-shoulder pieces with intricate designs are fuss-free and perfect for a Taurus girl like you.


Expressive and creative, A Gemini girl loves showing off her personality through fun and quirky prints. This is why a tropic-inspired button-down is the way to go!


Laid-back and often sentimental, summer is a sweet time for Cancerians to reminisce and unwind. So forget complicated pieces and just put on a simple wrap dress that is as relaxed as your personality.


Ladies born under the fiery guidance of the sun are all about combining comfort and vibrancy. Think breezy fabrics mixed with prints and colours. This is why this cute royal blue tank top that mimics the glistening shade of the sky and the waters is perfect for your summer style.


Organised and practical, a Virgo woman is always into chic and minimalist pieces for effortless functionality and style. Your perfect summer match? A white halter top that’s versatile and chic enough to match any mood.


All about having fun under the sun, you need a piece that lets you do a variety of activities in style. This is why this chic and playful romper — that’s ideal for both relaxation and movement — is your summer style uniform.


Always one to make your own rules when it comes to style, you’re not someone who easily surrenders to trends. While everyone else is donning the latest summer styles, you opt for a loose and comfy shirt or a bold-coloured tunic that’s easy to tweak according to your preference.


Those born under the guidance of Jupiter are always craving for adventure. This is why you always go for a flexible ensemble that’s easy to pack and slip into: a bikini top matched with denim shorts. Along with your sunglasses and backpack, you are unstoppable in this combo.


Ambitious, passionate and ever the visionary, Capricorns see summer as their time to take a break from the daily grind. Something simple like this off-shoulder top with a tropical print is just right for you.


Solid, matching pieces that reflect your strong, progressive and independent personality will bring out the bold beach babe in you.


You’re an imaginative old soul. So take it from us when we say that a solid-coloured vintage-inspired swimsuit is your perfect beach-look companion.

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