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Hot Trend Alert: Mismatched Shoes

So wrong yet looks so right

There are just some trends that's so wrong yet looks so right... just like this mismatched shoes trend. No, we're not trying to trick you; it's exactly what you think it is, and trust us, it's deliciously fabulous. If we can mix and match colours and prints with our clothes, then why not our shoes too?

Just to clarify, of course both shoes should be of the same heel height and ideally of the same material. Curious with how to style mismatched shoes? Check out how these fashionistas rocked this trend. Mismatch managed.  

Black And White Are Alright

For starters, pick a subtle colour like black, white and nudes to easily match them to your outfit. As you can see, there's still symmetry with the overall look despite the mismatched shoes. If your outfit has colour combinations, you can also match them with your shoes. For example, if you're wearing a pink top and a white bottom, then you can wear pink and white shoes.

Nothing Too Crazy

The mismatched shoe trend is already eye-catching, so to make it wearable for everyday, just stick to muted colours. For those of you who work in the creative industries, you'll surely be the new office trendsetter if you bring this style to the office. 

Pretty Pastels

As mentioned earlier, you can match the colours of your shoes to the colours of your outfit. This look is the perfect visual example of it. The tiffany blue dress with hints of lemon chiffon on the print is colour-matched with the shoes. When the colours are complementary, it's looks harmonious and 'natural'.

Classic With A Twist

This is another beautiful example on how to style mismatched shoes. Pulling colours from the patterns of your dress or outfit can definitely help in tying up the whole look. It also helps when the colours are from the same family, like pink and red. The overall look is both quirky and classy. Who knew there could be such thing? 

Run The World With These Heels

Another way to wear the mismatched look is to go for subtle detail differences like the straps and the heels. If your budget permits, you can buy two pairs of shoes with different styles and colours. But if that's too much of an indulgence to you then find a 'mismatched buddy', you can swap, mix and match different shoe styles. 

(Cover photo from: @celine.society)

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