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Hot Trend Alert: Straw Bags

There's a new bag in town

Just when you thought that straw bags are just for aunties buying vegetables at the local market, it becomes one of the hottest bag trends this season. From sling bags to totes, this bag comes in different colours and sizes — one for each personality. As early as now, this trend is already slowly taking over the fashion world and our hearts. 

Take a look at how you can sport this new bag in town.

As A Sling Bag

Ain't it dainty? As a sling bag, you can wear it with your usual tee-and-denim outfit or with a sundress. It's the perfect element to add to your OOTD to give it a charming and casual vibe ala Summer in the movie 500 Days of Summer.

As A Handbag

This straw bag style is a little bit on the bulkier side and is definitely not advisable if you're planning on taking public transportation. But if you're just going for your usual weekend market visit, Sunday brunch or just good old mall strolling, then this is a nice replacement for your handbag. We're sure that you'll steal some glances when you wear this trend.

As A Clutch

In the form of a clutch, straw bags can also be used for more formal events. Just remember to hold it with poise and pride. Instead of the classic LBD, pair this with a white dress to make it stand out even more. 

As A Tote Bag

Going back to where it all started, the iconic straw beach bag will not be forgotten on our list. Although it's a beach ensemble staple, you can still flaunt them on the city streets. 

(Cover photo from: @songofstyle)

How about pairing this style with flowy and fabulous outfits?