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It's amazing how 2012 can feel like a long time ago. In a span of five years, a lot of things has changed. Mobile browsing overtook desktop browsing, a surge of online-only cosmetic brands gained a cult-like following (ahem, Colourpop and Glossier), the old Taylor Swift has died and so on.

As for most of us, we have reached some milestones like graduating college and getting a job. Along with these life-changing events, our wardrobe also inevitably evolved. For today, some of our Clozette Ambassadors share how their fashion choices shifted over the course of five years. See if you can relate!

Karen Fernandez

Pop culture — including popular TV series, movies or music icons — really makes an impact on our fashion choices. Back then, teenage Karen's biggest fashion inspirations were Gossip Girl and K-pop. "I loved adding certain accessories like big headbands and ribbons as inspired by Gossip Girl," she said. "And I also adored the 'Korean street style grunge look'."

Karen shares that looking back she had this super fun and quirky style. "I loved to mix & match colours and textures like leather and spikes." Now that she's in her mid-20s, a licensed nurse and an expecting momma, she's exploring other styles but still keeping a touch of that quirky vibe. Karen says, "I describe my style right now as easygoing and laid back, hipster, and of course, still strutting the Korean street style but with an added flair." 

Shivani Balraj

Not all fashion evolutions need to be drastic, sometimes it can be as simple as choosing elegant versions of your previous style. Shivani shares that her minimalistic but edgy style is more or less still her style. However, she's now picking more classic silhouettes. Shivani says, "Silhouettes tend to play a huge part on what I wear, and anything that can accentuate and bring out the best features of the form, that would probably be my best pick of the day."

She added that one thing that she still practices until now is the mix and matching of accessories. "I didn't have many assortments back then, but I have always loved mixing and matching certain sorts of accessories to each piece and that style had stayed on until now."

Sharnie Hung

When we asked Sharnie to describe her style back then, she said, "Honestly, this style question always stumps me because I never really think about my style in terms of labels. I just love what I love depending on my mood and my inspirations in the moment. If you had to twist my arm, I would say it's ever-evolving because inspiration is never stagnant. That's the beauty of it!" 

Although her style is always changing, her wardrobe staples are jackets, jeans, and utilitarian boots. Sharnie shares that the only difference is that now she's more confident "and attitude is really important in leaving your mark."

Christy Ho

Christy admits that her style back then was a little uncoordinated. "I think my style was a little all over the place, to be honest. Haha," she said. "I wore whatever made me happy and comfortable. My closet was filled with a wide variety of clothes because I was at a point in my life where I just wanted to try different styles." 

Christy shared that she still loves to dress comfortably. "I'm such a sneaker freak," she said. "Sneakers are just more practical than heels." Aside from that aspect, she says that she had a 180-degree fashion transformation. "Boy, has my style changed," she said. "I would say I spend a lot more of my own shopping budget on clothes that are more timeless and suitable for mixing-and-matching days. So fewer graphic tees, statement skirts, loud prints, etc. I would say my style is effortlessly chic. I don't try too hard."

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(Cover photo from: Everestsays)

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From decorating necklines, skirts, blouses and jackets, ruffles have been one of the key trends during the first half of the year. Its dainty and girly structure gives off that romantic feel when worn day or night.


Thanks to Rihanna and PUMA, people were seen sporting this comfortable yet stylish footwear. From embellished slides, pool slides to fury slides, it made any outfit casually chic.

Tassel Earrings

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Straw Bags 

A conversation piece and one of summer’s most coveted item, thanks to the little picnic-basket-like carry-all hanging on your arm at the seaside and in the city, it elevated every type of #ootd.

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(Cover photo from: Sheiladytiu)