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"How Do I Look?" Asia: A Weekend Of Fashion, Beauty, And Lifestyle

Highlights from the show’s Season 2 launch event!

Who’s ready to get their fashion and makeup looks on point? Because How Do I Look? Asia is back with a new season and a new Glam Squad that's ready to empower women around Asia with confidence and style. Underneath the racks of clothes, drawers of makeup, and the bright lights are the stories of women around Asia, who, with a little encouragement and guidance from the Glam Squad are inspired to live their lives with renewed confidence.

With the makeover series set to make its Season 2 debut on DIVA TV on 29 August at 8PM, bloggers, stylists, and fashion and beauty enthusiasts gathered at Bugis+ in Singapore and Sunway Pyramid in Malaysia last weekend for a day (or two) filled with fashion, beauty, and wellness. From special guests, to exciting games, and to thrilling makeover challenges, the House Party was nothing short of amazing, amping up the hype even more for the fashion reality show!

So if you missed last weekend’s chic celebration, cheer up! Relive the moments here with our wrap up of the launch events in Singapore & Malaysia!


Thrilling Challenges

The 'EwwwTube' game started off the festivities with two couples going on stage and doing their best to dump as many “ugly clothes” into the famous EwwwTube. How? Each boy was blindfolded and had to throw an item of clothing to their partner stationed near the tube. Then once the ladies received them, they had to quickly throw it up inside the tube; and the first couple that completed the challenge won!

Aside from the game, there was also a Mini Makeover Challenge judged by fashion blogger and stylist Andrea Chong. Each participant had their ‘Before’ shot taken, went through the revolving door, and in a few minutes, came out with a new look!

While over in Sunway Pyramid, after Malaysian Clozette Ambassador and YouTuber Charis Ow received a day-to-night glam makeover from Shu Uemura on stage, four ladies were split into two teams and tasked with recreating the look in just 5 minutes!

Everyone who participated in both challenges were given special prizes and goodie bags, so at the end of the day, everyone won (yay, more makeup)!

Amazing Beauty Booths

If you came down to the event locations au naturel or were looking to give your look a quick pick-me-up, no worries because the launch events in both Singapore and Malaysia had their own respective makeup, hair, and nail makeover booths!

So whether you wanted to amp up your MOTD courtesy of their partner brands MAC and Shu Uemura, or get your tresses done by Redken and Vintage Studio, or change up the looks of your nails via the Nail Palace; no problem because they had it all!

Creative Tips & Tricks

In today’s world of social media, knowing how to artfully take your photos and edit them is a desired skill. Which is why our very own Clozette Ambassador Christy Ho and our resident-photographer Myke Motus gave insightful tips and tricks on “How To Guide Your Boyfriend To Take Your OOTD For You”! They covered all the bases from finding your angles to which apps are the best for editing your photos. So now you can go and werk your OOTD wherever you are!

Moving over to Sunway Pyramid, Redken stylist Alea did a hair demo on INSIDER Editor Lystra Aranal to show the crowd a hairstyle that’s easy to do and looks perfectly undone. Then it was all about letting the fabulous crowd give hair styling a try as she gave another quick demo on how to do the Instagram famous hairstyle – the fishtail braid – on a few lovely volunteers. And in just a few steps, she was able to masterfully braid each lady’s hair, proving that the fishtail braid can work for all hair lengths!

Zumba Dance-Off

It wasn’t just about fashion and beauty at the HDIL Season 2 House Party in Sunway Pyramid, but lifestyle and wellness too. The amazing dance crew from Marigold Yogurt Drink got the crowd moving and pumping their muscles by teaching them a few Zumba dance moves! They even got children to join in with cute is that?!

Special Guests

Of course, no event is ever complete without special guests. And what better way to take the Season 2 launch to the next level than with appearances by fashion blogger Andrea Chong in Singapore, and Indonesian creative director and illustrator Diaz Diaz in Malaysia! Not only are both of them renowned in their respective fields in the fashion industry, but both are also part of Jeannie Mai’s brand new glam squad – helping women embrace their personal style.