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Here's How Stress Affects Your Skin

...and what you can do about it

The fast-paced lifestyle of modern-day women simply attracts stress. It's a fact. Even if you're a toughie and don't feel it taking a toll on you physically, a lot of factors in and out of your system gets a blow from your daily stressors — one of which is your skin. 

Being the largest organ in our body, the skin takes in both external and internal damaging factors, making it the most prone to damage caused by stress. 

Ahead, we list down the most common skin issues related to stress and quick and easy remedies to combat them. 

Overly dry or oily skin

Having dry or oily skin on a normal basis is normal when it comes to typical skin types. However, excessive flaking due to dryness or overproduction of sebum that usually causes acne are signs that your skin and body are asking for help. 

Most of the time, being worked up with tons of things to do makes us forget to grab a cup of water. In the long run, it contributes to dehydration, causing not just our internal system to feel more fatigue, but at the same time, our skin to start feeling constricted and wilted. 

Also, under stress, our body produces cortisol — a crucial hormone whose main function is to protect the overall health and well-being of a person — but when overcompensated due to stress can cause a major imbalance in our system. With this, the skin may tend to overproduce sebum and look dull and pale, besides other significant health effects. It can also make your pre-existing conditions, like eczema, skin asthma, or psoriasis act up.

Given this, it's always important to hydrate, exercise, and start practising control over your stress. It might be difficult in the beginning, but doing yoga or trying out aromatherapy to ease your anxiety at the end of the day can help in managing these issues.

Dark circles and puffy eyes

This is no surprise to most of us, as stress is commonly intertwined with lack of sleep. Again, in relation to risen cortisol levels which helps balance salt and water in our system, this can cause the eyes to look puffy and swollen in the morning.  But instead of drowning it all out with caffeine, causing your sugar level to also rise, we suggest putting warmed up tea bags over your puffs instead to help the blood circulation around the eye area and be a quick and easy hack to lessen the redness and the swelling. 

Hair loss

Hey, our scalp is part of our skin, too! And it also gets affected when it comes to stress. Having a flaky scalp is not just a result of bad hair products but it can also be a sign of dehydration or clogged hair follicles. This results to hair fall-out and brittle hair. While hair treatments can get you a long way ahead when it comes to healing, taking time off and pampering yourself to rebalance your physiology is the best the remedy for the scenario.

Take a chill pill and also check out these simple ways to ease your stress.