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Yoga Skin: How To Achieve 2019's Newest Beauty Trend

Fresh, flushed, and glowing from within

If 2018 was the year of glass skin, 2019 is shaping up to be the year of yoga skin. In contrast to the former, which focuses on a smooth and perfected complexion, yoga skin is about emphasising a similar 'glow from within' type of look but with a more 'real skin' finish. Imagine, well, a flushed and glistening look post-yoga or workout that's been touched up to remove the splotchiness and voilá — there's your look!

Made popular by renowned makeup artist Sarah Hill, she defines it as a look that's "about beautiful skin, great skincare and embracing the no-makeup makeup vibe." 

Ready to dive into this new beauty trend? Here are our top tips on achieving that perfect 'yoga skin' look minus booking the sessions and rolling out that yoga mat.

Facial oils and moisturisers make your base

(Photo from: beautifulbuns)

This trend really emphasises the importance of skincare and achieving a more natural glow than relying too much on highlighters. This is why moisturising and incorporating some facial oils into your base is the first step in nailing this look. We say tapping oils onto your face with your fingers is the best way to warm up the product and stimulate the blood vessels under the skin, helping in absorption and ridding of a heavily oiled-up finish. You can also use this method to thin out a heavy foundation or use a tinted moisturiser instead if you're looking for a little more coverage. 

Creams and tints are your champions

(Photo from: Perinsidhu)

Not a fan of cream products? This trend might just change your mind. Straying away from powders and baking to achieve an overall glowy look, this will really test your skills in incorporating creams and tints into your beauty routine. We're talking blushes, highlights, concealers — you get the idea.  We say go for creams if you have dry skin because they would really help with the dewy finish you're aiming for but if oil control is your problem, tints and liquids are better alternatives. 

Drunk blush but better

(Photo from: makeupinmanila)

Since this look aims for a really natural but worked-up flush, put the concentration of the product more on the apples of your cheeks — almost bordering on your under eyes — and of course, the bridge and tip of your nose a la drunk blush. But while you use stronger and more red-heavy shades for the drunk blush trend, we suggest more peaches, corals and muted rose shades for mimicking yoga skin as it gives a more naturally flushed finished. 

Go monochrome

(Photo from: penmyblog)

Even if this trend emphasises good skin, it doesn't mean that we're leaving the rest of our makeup products in the bag. But instead of going for a 'full face beat' kind of vibe, we suggest toning it down a notch by making the brows a bit more feathery than sharp and on fleek, focusing more on lushing up those lashes and sticking to a monochrome colour palette to really make the entire look work. Think: no-makeup up but still daily glam. 

Love your highlighters? Go for a something with a wet finish

(Photo from: PhyliciaMarie)

Okay, okay. We know that we said this look shouldn't rely much on highlighters but we also know how hard it is to set aside our glow babies when creating a makeup look. So our middle ground is either going for liquid or cream-based highlighter to stay consistent with the whole 'natural' glow finish or select those that really give a 'wet skin' type of glow. 

(Cover photo from: penmyblog, @sarahhillmakeup)