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Following last year’s suspenseful Avengers: Infinity War comes the superhero franchise’s final instalment, Avengers: Endgame. To not ruin the experience for everyone, the whole production did their absolute best to keep Marvel fans on their toes. From not even letting the cast take a peek into the full script, to the Russo brothers (the film's directors) even issuing a message of plea regarding spoilers — desperate measures were undertaken. But with the movie finally showing this week, the wait is soon to be over and everyone can finally witness how Thanos’ defeat will unfold. Still, not everyone gets to have first dibs on the first screening. In case you won’t be lucky enough to see the film right on its premiere, we’ve got your back with these quick and easy tips to avoid spoilers.



Ironically, the first step to warding off spoilers isn’t to lock yourself up in a room alone without any form of communication at hand — that’s just sad and quite impossible in this age. Instead, what you can do is to talk to people, especially the ones in your circle of friends, who are also want to catch the show and tell them about your boundaries. Whether you’ve seen the movie or not, or if you’d be willing to hear some spoilers or to avoid them — just say it, so people would know when to stop recounting their moviegoing experience. 

Heed spoiler warnings

If you’re not keen to know what happens to the story, then don’t open articles that talk about them. They usually come with spoiler warnings, and they’re obviously there for a reason, so just close the tab once you see them. You can’t fault writers for informing you when they’ve explicitly warned you.

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Protect your devices

It’s another thing, however, when suddenly a post spoiling the whole story for you pops up on your social media feed. Thankfully, there’s now a ton of apps and tools that can protect you from that. On Twitter, you can mute keywords and hashtags to ward them off your feed and notifications. There’s also Spoilers Blocker for iOS and Android devices that work to block text that includes certain keywords you’ve added with a huge spoiler warning. With these, your eyes won’t accidentally chance upon info until you’re ready to view it. 

Catch the Avengers: Endgame as soon as you can

We get it, not everyone has the time to catch the film the instant it premiers. But it goes without saying that if you really like the film and can’t wait to see it, then head on to the nearest theatre and book some seats when you find the time. If it’s been weeks since the movie hit the cinemas and you hear random people talking about it on the street, you can’t cry foul for being spoiled anymore — that’s on you. 

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Animal prints are going through another renaissance right now. From zebra to leopard patterns, the style is taking centre stage at recent runway shows. It's been a while since this design was on the spotlight, partly because there's a certain stigma against it. Usually seen as a tacky fashion choice, the animal print is given a new and more elegant look in 2019. Keep reading to know how you can rock this bold style in a modern way.

Start by wearing one animal print at a time

If you're a newbie in wearing animal prints, start by working with only one pattern at a time. This will help you familiarise yourself with what colours would match well with a particular print. Of course, there's always black as a safe bet but mixing things up will make for a more interesting look. Concentrating on a single print first is the best way to do this.

Match the print with items of the same colour palette

Here's an easy way to build an elegant ensemble featuring an animal print. First, determine what colour is dominant in each pattern. Then, look for items that are in the same colour palette. For example, leopards are dominated by browns so pairing them with khaki colours is a great way to streamline the whole look. Need a peg? Look to the iconic character of Mrs. Robinson from the 1967 movie The Graduate for inspiration.

Want a bolder look? Go for contrasting colours

Pulling this off is easier than you may think. The one thing that you should always keep in mind is the base colour of each animal print. After that, all you have to do is look for contrasting colours that will look good against the pattern. Usually, those with dominant brown hues will go well with red and teals. While prints dominated by black and white like zebra patterns can be paired with almost any bright shade.

Wear only one statement accessory

Pairing an eye-catching print together with loads of statement accessories can be a bit of an overkill. On the other hand, if you wear subtle jewellery, it can tone down the boldness of the look. And when you're wearing animal prints, that's not really what you want to go for. Instead, match the print with one equally bold statement accessory. It can be hoop earrings, studs or a stunning opera necklace. 

If all else fails, animal printed dresses are the way to go

A fail-proof way to rock animal prints is to pick a dress decked in single or various patterns. It's a no-brainer but still looks gorgeous and well-thought out. To give the dress a little visual break and to showcase your figure (which may be lost due to the busy design), wear belts in bold colours.

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Next, learn how to wear neon green.



Got a holiday hangover?  Let’s get you to a good start this week with these exciting news that hit the headlines these past few days. From fashion and beauty brands’ sustainability efforts to a couture show paying tribute to a legendary designer— catch it all here.


Fendi will pay tribute to Karl Lagerfeld in their July show

The Italian luxury fashion house will be having a show in memory of their former creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, who passed this year. Set to take place on 4 July, the tribute show will feature reprisals of Lagerfeld’s past creations. The collection will be designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi and will be displayed in Rome after the show.

Discover the Black Foundation at HERA’s Our Black Secret Pop-Up

A black pop-up booth

To celebrate their first anniversary in Singapore, HERA will be having a pop-up in the heart of Orchard Road from 30 April to 5 May. Our Black Secret Pop-up will be an immersive experience where you can try their brand new HERA Black Foundation, among other bestsellers and learn makeup tips from Korean beauty experts.


Experience the fun of offline shopping at Soirée by Retail Lab

A poster invitation to Soirée by Retail Lab with leaf designs and event details

Sure, online shopping is such a convenient tech advancement, but with it, the excitement of actual shopping has gone. But worry not because Soirée by Retail Lab is bringing back the warm feeling of shopping for our beauty products. This 27 to 28 April, catch online brands offline at The Fifth at Rockwell. Have a relaxing weekend and physically browse through rows of home-grown clothing and beauty products.

Caring Skin launches sustainability efforts this April

In line with today’s Earth day, Singapore’s leading facial spa, Caring Skin, has announced their 365 Days of Sustainability Beauty initiative to make the world a greener place. In collaboration with One Tree Planted, the brand pledged to plant one native fruit tree in Rwanda for every bottle of product sold. Aside from that, until 31 May, you can grab  their exclusive tote bag with every minimum purchase of SGD100.


Adidas unveils 100% recyclable running shoes

Joining our list of environmentally friendly brands is Adidas as they announced the creation of FUTURECRAFT.LOOP, a 100% recyclable running shoe. Made of yarns and filaments or reclaimed and recycled marine plastic waste, the performance footwear, when worn out, can be returned to their store so it can be broken down and be reused to create a brand new pair of sneakers. The shoe is being rolled out in a beta program and will be released more widely in Spring 2021.

(Cover photo from: @fendi)