How To Be The Life Of The Party | Clozette
Dreading the party season? Don’t. Whether it’s a pool party, a house party or a decadent soiree, here are our tips to ensure you’re the life of the party. 

Centre yourself
When you reach your destination, get hold of a few of your friends and make your way to the centre of the room. Standing there shows you’re confident and approachable. As more people start to arrive you’ll automatically look like the centre of attention.

Smile often
There is nothing friendlier than a smile. A genuine, bright smile is always a great way to start a conversation. Closeup Deep Action with its Micro Shine Crystals effectively whitens teeth making them beautifully brighter with every brush.

Pay attention to your posture
Slouching is not doing your figure any favours. Make sure you’re standing up straight, in a relaxed but confident manner. You can even lean against a wall or counter top – this makes you look more glamorous and attractive.

Be Prepared
A few easy cocktail recipes and a Spotify playlist with all the right party songs will definitely help rake up your popularity points at the party.

Keep moving
As more people join the party, make sure to keep circulating. It’s easier to meet people and make new friends this way.

Christmas is just right round the corner and if you’re still looking for last minute inspiration to deck your nails up for the holidays, this post is for you! 

We looked through our Beauty Community for the top 5 trends for manicure-junkies this holiday season! Get inspired and have your nails done just in time for all the festivities!



Deep French nails have been very in all season. Add a dash of festivities to the trend by decorating your French tips with snowflake motifs.
Go Subtle

If you’re not into artsy-fartsy nail art designs, you may want to go for the subtle designs. Add a touch of the festive spirit to your nails by topping off a nude base with a touch of glitter.


Channel your inner-child and opt for something fun this Christmas by going for cartoon nail art like this Simpson yellow and white nail art.

Bling & Shimmer

If you like all things shiny, then you'll definitely be sporting nail art featuring some bling and shimmer. From small glitter flakes to full-on luxurious blings, this is a nail trend that is perfect to match your shimmery Christmas party dresses.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric designs have definitely been a popular nail-art trend this year. It's a sleek and simple design that allows you to mix-n-match colours and create interesting shapes on your nails.



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