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How To Bring Runway Fashion To The Streets

Strut in style!

The big hair styles, wacky accessories and unconventional clothing ensembles may be too intimidating for the streets but with the right pieces, you can transform runway fashion into everyday, wearable looks. Here are the three ways to turn your morning stroll to a runway walk.

Adopt only the print pattern

Even if the whole look is too bizarre, you can still take a cue from bold print and patterns and incorporate them into your style. For example, this pretty print from Balenciaga can be adapted to a dress with conventional cuts.

Select one piece of clothing that you like best

Sometimes, all it takes is one statement piece to complete your #ootd. If you’re looking at runway trends for inspiration, just get inspired by a few pieces and you’re all set! This overall style from Fendi may seem too much for the streets, so  the best way to go is to just take the striped pants and combine it with a familiar, basic top to achieve a chic look.

Spot the trend and make it work.

No need to copy the exact look — just spot the trend and add it to your personal style. Check out the earth-tone trend from Marc Jacobs and see how you can spin it to something more appropriate for everyday wear.

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