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Dehydration is a real challenge that is a pain to get rid of. Numerous factors contribute to it such as the weather, your eating habits, your skincare products, and more. And worse, some people even think confuse it for dry skin. But let's get this straight, dry skin (which produces little to no oil) is a skin type and dehydrated skin (which can often mask as 'oily skin') is a condition.

To know whether or not you have dehydrated skin, if you suffer from dryness and oiliness, it could be a sign. How do you solve it then? Well keep scrolling down for the list of moisturisers that will kick your dehydration to the curb and give you fresh, radiant skin!


Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

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This simple, no-muss-no-fuss moisturiser will protect your skin from external factors that contribute to your dehydration. It even grabs moisture from the air and transfers it onto your face to help reduce your moisture loss! If you want a simple cream, this cream will be your best friend!

Tarte Maracuja Oil

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Don’t freak out about using a face oil because it will actually help balance your skin and hydrate it! This Tarte Maracuja Oil will firm up, brighten, and refine your skin to reveal a smoother base. With its infusion of vitamins, this oil is even an anti-aging treatment so you get hydration and prevention in one!

Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Moisturiser

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If you live in a hotter climate and find that your skin doesn’t react well to heavy creams, then this moisturiser will do everything you want, minus the heaviness! This lightweight, whipped moisturiser will energize and refine your skin’s texture while providing all-day hydration — you never have to worry about that tight feeling in your skin again!

CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+

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This cult favourite will give your skin a large glass of water to drink and quickly penetrate deep into your skin’s cells to strengthen its own moisture barrier. It’s fast-absorbing and lightweight so you can use it every day and night, and it will leave your face more glowing and smoother than it has ever been!

Crème de la Mer

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Willing to spend a little more for your skincare? No problem! Fight your dehydrated skin with a good old jar of Crème de la Mer! This ultra rich cream infused with its Miracle Broth™ has become a legend in the beauty industry for its miraculous skin transformations. It will renew and rejuvenate your complexion for a poreless and ageless you.


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While we may love our lipsticks and foundations and mascaras, sometimes we forget about the skin we’re layering all these products on! It’s our largest organ and the most sensitive. The power of a great skincare routine can transform how our makeup looks on our faces, and it can make us feel even more confident!

It may be hard to find the perfect day and night regimen, but thankfully, our Beauty Community is always up to date when it comes to beauty and skincare releases! So here are some mini reviews on skincare products that you may want to include in regimen!


Shu Uemura UV Under Base POREeraser Mousse

by musicalhouses

“One of my new favorite makeup bases! This Shu Uemura POREeraser UV Under Base Mousse in Pink is a foam-like primer base with SPF that will give a nice pink tint [to your skin] for brightening with a matte finish.”

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Biotherm Life Plankton Mask

by paradeoflove

“If you love the essence, you'll be sure to love this too! I like how it freshens and plumps up my skin with moisture overnight with its light texture!”

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Pucker Xmas Lip Scrub Trio

by Perinsidhu

“The midweek calls for a deep cleansing facial routine and this includes the lips as well. I have been loving these lip scrubs from Pucker. Not only do they smell the part but the ingredients work to leave my lips feeling moisturised.”

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Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Intense Eye Cream

by tebisha

“Eye cream is one of the skin care products I can't live without! Preventing lines to appear around our eye areas, Neal's Yard Remedies Frankincense Intense Eye Cream is here to rescue to prevent and reduce fine lines!”

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iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita

by thechicsubject

“I like water based moisturisers because my skin has been pretty dehydrated for the past months. I think this moisturiser is suitable for those who have a normal skin condition and I like its scent and texture. If you are a teenager and are starting to build your skincare routine, I highly recommend this moisturiser because this isn't very harsh, but it still works well.”

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From beginners to experts, there’s always one makeup trick that everyone wants to master. It’s not contouring or painting on a feline flick, but it’s how to prevent concealer from creasing. Nothing ruins a good MOTD like messed up concealer!

It's not our fault we have creases under our eyes where makeup can leak into, though. We were just born that way! So to avoid having bits of makeup going in the creases, which we are all prone to since we move our faces, and have a smooth under eye area all day long, keep scrolling down for the 4 tips you need to stop concealer from creasing!


Don't ever forget eye cream

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A cardinal rule when it comes to applying makeup on your eye are is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your eye area is drier than the rest of your face, so imagine applying makeup with the Sahara Desert as a base? Not easy! So take your favourite eye cream, dab it on your lids and under eye area and let it set for a while, allowing your skin to really drink up the product. Applying makeup will feel like a breeze once you do this step!

Apply eyeshadow primer before foundation

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We know that applying foundation before concealer is often preferred, but now it’s supposed to be eye primer, foundation, then concealer! Why should it be this way? So that if your foundation ever goes on your eye area, it won’t crease at all and will leave you with a smooth base to put your concealer on.

Find a concealer formula that works for you

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Whether it’s in a stick, or liquid, or cream form, find your favourite formula and stick to it. Other people find creamy concealers work for them, while others find liquid or harder formulas work better. None of us have the same eye area, so numerous concealer formulas will react differently for each of us. But once you find that golden one, don’t ever let it go!

Set concealer immediately after

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When applying makeup, we usually apply our concealer and do the rest of our makeup without setting anything. But our face moves, and if the concealer isn’t set in place yet, it will move too. So to make sure the makeup that covers your dark circles and highlights your face doesn’t go anywhere, lightly dust powder all over it! You don’t have to bake if you don’t want to because a light dusting will do just as well!


Have any more secrets to stop concealer from creasing? Share it with us in the comment section below!