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How To Deal With Stress According To Your Star Sign

Different ways to chill

We all encounter stress, but the way to deal with it is different from person to person. Some may want to 'get lost to find themselves' while some may turn to eating their feelings and so on. The important thing is we do it in a healthy, constructive way. If you haven't found the perfect stress relief for you, then maybe the answer is in the stars. Keep reading to know the best way to manage stress according to your zodiac sign. 

Aries: Exercise

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As an energetic overachiever, you always do more than what you're asked to. And this makes you prone to stress, especially when you realise that you don't have time to fulfil all the extra tasks you've eagerly accepted. When you're stressed, you tend to act rashly due to the enormous pent-up energy inside you. So before you start the day, do some quick exercises like running or lifting weights to channel your extra energy in a positive way. 

Taurus: Pampering Session

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People born under the Taurus sign are known to be very stubborn in their beliefs and plans. So if things don't go as you have thought they would, you can get very frustrated and stressed. Luckily, a key trait of yours is practicality, so you can easily get things back in action. After a long day, all you want and need is a long bath, a soothing mask, maybe a home-service massage and some good food. Go on and indulge, everybody knows you deserve it.

Gemini: Read A Young Adult Fiction Book

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Oh Gemini, how you overthink things will surely stress you out. We bet that right now, you've got a million thoughts running through your head. You're thinking of one thing and then it snowballs into another, like having infinite 'new tabs' in your brain. Give yourself a break from these thoughts by reading an easygoing, young adult fiction book. It will take you back to the days when you first fell in love with literature, and other intellectual pursuits. You might even spot some plot holes in it, and we all know how analysing things helps you de-stress. It's a paradox. 

Cancer: Movie Night And Cuddles

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You have a hard shell to crack, meaning you don't let your feelings be expressed freely. This takes a toll on your well-being because deep down you're very sensitive and sentimental. It takes time for you to come to terms with how you're feeling because you're always conflicted if your reaction should be the way it is. When you're stressed, you seek the comfort of your loved ones. Feeling safe and snug is the best way for you to combat stress. That's why a major movie night is the best activity for you to hibernate and regain back your strength. You can also try Hggye-ing up your room, for the maximum cosiness. 

Leo: Karaoke With Friends

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While most people feel a dip in energy when they're stressed, the opposite happens to you. You become jittery, excited and tense all at the same time. Forcing yourself to calm down and have a bath might not do the trick. As someone who thrives in the spotlight, you'll be more de-stressed when you're showing off your glamour. A karaoke night with friends might just be the perfect activity for you. Even if you're not musically inclined, you can still bust out some moves and charm the audience with your charisma.

Virgo: Clean Clutter In Your Room

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You're a perfectionist even though you know that perfection is relative and, in some cases, a myth. Nevertheless, that doesn't stop you from trying to aim for picture perfect everything. And this is the major cause of your stress in your professional life. It may sound weird to others but cleaning and re-arranging your stuff gives you pleasure. For example, clutter irks you like no other, but when life happens it can't be avoided. So clearing that nagging pile of unorganised things may help you achieve clarity and lift up your spirits.

Libra: Artistic Pursuits

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Libra, you're too nice and you know it. You may even consider it as your weakness rather than your strength. You're aware that people take advantage of you, but you can't say no to helping them out. Even though you think it's not causing you too much trouble, the feeling of being used can have detrimental effects on your mental health. In the long term, learn to set your limits. But right now, cool off by taking comfort in the artistic pursuits you're good at. Whether it's the adult colouring book that you love, calligraphy, or playing the piano, being in the creative zone will nourish you. 

Scorpio: Seek Solace In A Quiet Space And Just Be

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Your enigmatic personality will always baffle people, but the truth is you're just a person who highly values their privacy and space. When you're in the middle of a stressful situation, you just want to leave the tension and breathe. Sadly, problems don't get resolved on their own and you have to learn to deal with obstacles head-on. So power through it and then you can recover your energy by seeking solace in a quiet space. It may be your favourite museum, a cafe, a nearby garden or even just your own room. Just take time to let things be.

Sagittarius: Go Swimming

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Your middle name is carefree and you hate being put under pressure to accomplish things. You simply like tackling things at your own pace. So when you're in situations where time is of the essence, you almost always get too nervous that you won't do your best, which in turn becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Find ways to keep calm under pressure, so you can develop nerves of steel. For now, just relax and de-stress by going for a leisurely swim.

Capricorn: Write It All Out

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It's a mystery how you can accomplish so much in so little time with very little sleep. You're very hardworking, no doubt about that. However, you also have a tendency to get angry and frustrated with yourself when you feel like you're not doing enough. You want (or need) to be the best, and this could spell trouble for your overall health. Before you go on to the next thing on your to-do list, take some time to do some journaling. Write about how you're feeling, list all of your accomplishments and you'll soon learn that you've done more than enough. Dear Capricorn, you deserve a break and you need to remind yourself of that every now and then. 

Aquarius: Road Trip To A Nearby Town

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You like things fast-paced, and you're easily annoyed by slow-moving people. You've never really thrived in a group setting; you prefer to do things on your own. That way, you don't have to deal with people and their drama. Nonetheless, it's inevitable for you to play ball and cooperate at work. Doing this requires a lot of your willpower, which can drain your energy. Recharge by going away on a road trip with a couple of close-knit friends during the weekend. Bathe in the sun (but don't forget your sunblock), discover new places and just enjoy.

Pisces: Do Crafts 

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You're a very artistic person, so your job will most likely be in a creative industry. You're probably a painter, writer or a musician who needs a constant source of inspiration to fuel their passion. When your muse doesn't whisper an insight, you get very frustrated. Get out of your rut by doing something that's also creative but less mentally taxing like crafts. The calmness and easygoing nature of crafts may help spark an innovative idea. Just be careful with the glue gun when you get your eureka moment. 

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