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Velvet Lips Are The Hottest Makeup Look On Instagram

Pucker up!

Pucker up, ladies! We spotted a new, emerging makeup trend on Instagram and it's totally going to be the next big thing. Social media has always been a fertile breeding ground for popularising eccentric beauty looks and most of the time these trends are just too bizarre for everyday wear. However, velvet lips are definitely an exception. Sure, it's not your usual on-fleek pouty lips ala Kylie Jenner but it's got its own charm. Curious to know what it is? Keep reading to know what the buzz is about.

It's all about the stylish smudge

We've all heard about smudged eyeshadow but until now we didn't think it would also look good on lips. Imagine doing overlined lips but instead of sharp edges, you'll have to do soft smudges. Sounds complicated? Well, it's actually simpler than you think. But like any other intricate makeup look, you'll need a steady hand and superb hand-eye coordination. As always, practice makes perfect! And you better nail the look first at home before you decide to sport it in events or else people may start offering you tissues to wipe your smudged lippie. 

Here's the best way to get the look

One of the makeup gurus that does this well is Lenna Wang. Take a cue from her and use a pointed lip brush with a tapered edge to strategically smudge the outer edges of your lipstick. For this, you can also use a dense concealer brush if you have one. Here's a tip: apply your velvet lipstick thinly at first then just build up the colour on inner lip once you already perfected the outer smudging. This will create a nice and soft ombre look that's perfect for summer! 

What lip products to use

In its early days, velvet lips are achieved by mixing lip balm with creamy blush to create that unique semi-matte powdery finish. But now, various cosmetic brands have released all kinds of lip colour in velvet finishes. There's tint velvet, tube velvet and even glitter velvet. The popular ones include CLIO Mad Velvet Tint which is a liquid tint that comes in a variety of berry and coral shades. If you prefer the classic bullet, there's also the CLIO Rouge Heel Velvet which is basically a solid version of the Mad Velvet Tint variant.

Another brand that you should check out is Peripera and its Ink Airy Velvet line which provides a wider colour range and includes peachy browns and tangerine shades. 

Want to go for a little punch of colour and some gloss? Then choose to work with Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited. It's a lightweight lipstick so you can still easily smudge it strategically without any additional hassle. Pick a peachy pink, warm-toned colour like the CR324 or PK340 as these shades would look better for the smudged velvet lip look. Dark ones may appear too harsh when not blended out nicely so it's best to start with light, easy colours before moving on to the statement tones. 

(Cover photo from: @lennawangtw)