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Fussing over what to wear to a job interview may seem shallow, but believe us when we say that in creative industries it's very likely that your outfit will speak louder than your words. So yes, putting together a job interview ensemble is serious business and it's even trickier for creative positions. On one hand, you want to look smart and professional. On the other,  you should avoid looking too formal. Aside from that, there's the pressure to come up with a memorable and unique outfit. To help you ace that final test, here are our top tips on how to dress for an interview with a creative company.

Going for a novel silhouette? Stick to neutrals

Striped Top Jumpsuit

MARYLING linear print drape front jumpsuit, SGD905/~USD667.70; MARYLING linear print front-tie top, SGD545/~USD402.10

Remember that the key is to always balance your look. If you're going for playful silhouettes or prints, choose ones in subtle or neutral colour palettes. Usually, front drapes, wraps and jumpsuits are a good choice. These cuts are interesting enough to show that you know how to have fun and can think outside the box but still look polished and presentable. 

Want to wear something colourful? Streamline your look

Pastel Jumpsuit

Bora Aksu Soft Pink Blazer with Pairing Pants, SGD645/~USD475.86 & SGD465/~USD343.06; SocietyA Peggy Hartanto Papyrus Jumpsuit, SGD639/~USD471.43

On the flip side, if you want to wear a colourful outfit make sure that the silhouette is sleek and streamlined. Pantsuits and jumpsuits in eye-catching hues are good outfit ideas that you can consider but there are also other pieces that work well like a nice, well-fitted button-down dress or a long-sleeved top with a suede mini skirt. Veer away from colourful, flowy garments as these may look too carefree for a job interview (yes, even creative ones). No matter what style you choose, the goal should always be to look chic and smart.

Choose closed shoes

Charles & Keith Summer 2019 Shoes

Pieces from Charles & Keith Summer 2019 collection, Price unavailable

It's easy for us to neglect our toenails and it's very likely that yours won't be pedicured on the day of your interview. In this case, your best bets are closed-toed shoes. However, wearing closed shoes doesn't mean that it should look boring. There are various stylish designs in the market to choose from like cap toes, fancy heels and open-side shoes.

Pick a structured bag

Pastel Bags

Furla Tortona, SGD815/~USD601.28; Blanc & Eclare Poppy, SGD119/~USD87.79

When it comes to bags, you can get a little creative and use something unconventional like bucket bags, pastel-coloured ones and circular bags. But here's the catch: they must be structured. So that means no fabric or tote bags because they can look sloppy. Another thing to remember if you're choosing to carry a faux leather piece is to make sure that it's not peeling off. You don't want to make a mess in your potential workplace!

Keep accessories to a minimum

Plastic Hoop Earrings

POMELO resin open hoop earrings, USD9.99

When we say you should keep your accessories to a minimum, we don't mean that you can't wear statement pieces. You just need to be mindful of the quantity. A good rule of thumb is to wear only one statement accessory for creative job interviews, preferably an elegant pair of earrings or a sophisticated necklace that will enhance your overall polished look. We recommend not to wear noisy arm candies that clash together because they can be very distracting.

(Cover photo from: MelissaFerosha)



Capsule collections — or any fashion line, actually — by celebrities can be a hit or a miss. Most of the time, you'll never really know how it will be received no matter how popular a star is. But it looks like we have an exception in our midst. At the Theatre des Champs-Elysees in Paris, Tommy Hilfiger debuted his Spring 2019 TommyNow collaboration with former Disney star Zendaya. Right from the start of the show, it was clear that this isn't your usual runway production. It wasn't just a catwalk but also a celebration of inclusivity. 

Inspired by the iconic Battle of Versailles Fashion Show where French and American fashion designers had a legendary showdown, the Tommy x Zendaya capsule had a major '70s vibe and featured charismatic people of colour as models. Could this be the new standard on the runway? We totally think so. Here are five reasons why this debut is our all-time fashion week favourite.

The models were having fun

Instead of the usual stoic expression that models sport when walking the runway, the models at the Tommy x Zendaya fashion show were smiling as they walked (and sometimes danced!) to the rhythm of disco music. It's nice to see the models showcase some spunk rather than just being emotionless human hangers which, of course, they're not.

Legendary supermodels made a comeback

Just when we thought that things couldn't get any better, two popular supermodels from the Me Decade strut the runway. From Pat Cleveland doing her iconic twirl as the crowd cheered to '70s icon Grace Jones dancing and posing on the runway like it was 1973, everyone was in awe of the surprise appearance from the catwalk legends.

The '70s aesthetic was on point

Psychedelic prints, flower power, high-waisted flared jeans and other beloved '70s trends were all highlighted. The beauty of having an age-inclusive cast of models is it conveys the message that this aesthetic is for everyone. Whether you want to wear the designs you've already donned back in the day or are exploring this nostalgic style for the first time, you're welcome to get a piece from this see now, buy now collection. 

The production was all-out disco

Call us cheesy but we still won't deny that we've missed the disco era. From lively, upbeat music to the neon lights, everything spells fun, glam and everything we love about the 1970s. The background song Pull Up To The Bumper by Grace Jones captured the mood of the show so well. For a moment, we were transported back in time.

Inclusivity was at the forefront

All props to Zendaya and Tommy Hilfiger for putting black women on the spotlight — something that we don't see often in the fashion industry. The appearance of Winnie Harlow, a spokesperson for the skin condition vitiligo, was also a highlight of the show. And it's not just that; various sizes were represented on the catwalk —  not just thin or plus-sized models but also those who fall in between. We're definitely looking forward to seeing more shows like this in the international arena. Our eyes are peeled for an all-Asian casting!

(Cover photo from: @tommyhilfiger)



When posing for photos, we often lean towards the familiar; the same goes with our backdrops. Often, we take inspiration from typical spots where others take their snaps as we've already tried and tested the visual outcome. But don't you think it becomes even more fun and visually captivating when you try to seek out views that are atypical? Take a cue from these Clozetters who turned your not-so-usual views into amazing photography spots. 

Walking on diamonds

Girl in Diamond Beach, Iceland

(Photo from: yuniqueyuni) 

Basking in the beach

Girl in beach wearing maxi dress

(Photo from: rosedelvo)