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How To Exercise During That Time Of The Month

It's possible!

It's been said that exercising every day is essential to maintaining good health, but how do we exercise on days when we're having our menstrual period? It's challenging enough to do our fitness regimen on an ordinary day, more so during that time of the month. Even though it seems hard to do, we guarantee that it's possible. Here's how.

Remember to always listen to your body

If you're in good health, you can still do your usual drills even if you're menstruating. However, you may need to calibrate depending on what your body feels. For example, if you're already cramping, take a quick break or tone down the intensity of a particular exercise. Don't be stubborn; now is not the time to push your limits. It's about making sure that you still get exercise and maintain some level of physical activity to keep you fit. 

Go for yin yoga

Any type of yoga, except for the inverted poses, is generally a good exercise when you're menstruating. Yin yoga is especially beneficial in relieving cramps, soothing sore muscles and calming your senses. It's a slow-paced type of yoga, where poses are held for longer periods of time compared to yang yoga poses. Some of the poses that may help you while you're menstruating are the butterfly and the melting heart pose. 

Dance it off

We all know that hormonal changes during our menstrual period can make us feel cranky. Exercise can help alleviate pain by releasing those feel-good hormones to improve our mood. If the idea of running and doing a HIIT exercise repels you during that time of the month, then joining a fun, a dance-related class is a good alternative. Aside from doing the dance moves, some classes also do it with weights so you'll be sure to stay on the road to your fitness goals. 

Make running errands an exercise

If all else fails to entice you to get moving, there's always the good old biking trick. Do some rounds around your neighbourhood; maybe you can even run some errands using your bike instead of taking your car. You can take charge of walking your dog, or you can also clean your house and arrange furniture. This way, you're hitting two birds with one stone; you get to accomplish everyday tasks and get a mini workout, too!

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