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How To Exfoliate Your Underarms Properly

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Do you know how to exfoliate your underarms properly and are you caring for the skin on your pits as much as the skin on your face? Like the rest of our skin on our body, our armpits also need regular and proper exfoliation — not just for a healthy appearance but also for the overall health of your underarm. Because of its position, armpits are prone to product and dead skin build-up, so it's important to cleanse well to keep them fresh and clean. Here are some ways on how you can exfoliate your underarms.

P.s. Before you try any of these exfoliating techniques, make sure to do a patch test first. If you are suffering from any skin condition, it's best to check with your doctor on the best method to exfoliate your underarms properly.

Dry brushing

Brushes In Shower Tub

Brushing is not just for teeth and hair. (Photo from: Photoholgic via Unsplash)

Brushing isn't just for teeth and hair, you can also do it for your body through dry brushing. This skincare method involves using a soft-bristled brush to run against your skin. On top of that, there have been claims that dry brushing not only exfoliates but also promotes blood circulation. Some come in more coarse bristles, but we don't recommend it for sensitive areas like your armpits. After doing a full-body dry brush, just hop into the shower and wash the dead skin away.

Facial scrub

Brown Scrub In Jar

Scrub love. (Photo from: Dids via Pexels)

Physical exfoliators get less than stellar impressions, but they're not all bad. After the ban on microbeads, most scrubs right now are made with natural materials, and with gentle use, they can be quite effective in proper exfoliation without causing damage. It's even recommended for those with oily, thick skin. How to exfoliate underarms properly using scrubs? For your pits, choose the most gentle ones, preferably physical exfoliators that are made for the face. Gently scrub in a circular motion for a few seconds and you're good to go.

Chemical exfoliators

Cream In Jar

AHA/BHA skincare for underarms? Some swear by it. (Photo from: cottonbro via Pexels)

AHA/BHA exfoliants have been taking centre stage in the armpit department lately, with many using these chemical exfoliants as an underarm deodorant and deriving promising results. If you decide to try it for yourself, the good news is that using these products comes with the added benefit of exfoliation (which is what they're used for, anyway). Not sure what product to start with? After some sleuthing on beauty threads, Korean beauty brand COSRX exfoliants seem to be the best choice for many.

Oil cleansing

Hand Holding Serum Bottle

Oil cleansing for your pits may be helpful. (Photo from: Shiny Diamond via Pexels)

Oil cleansing is usually reserved for the face, but can it also work on your armpits? Some anecdotal evidence points to yes. Just like how you would double cleanse your face, you rub the oil cleanser on your armpits, wash it and follow with another cleanse using soap to remove any oily residue. The results, according to some beauty enthusiasts, are smooth and soft armpits. Would you try this?

(Cover photo from: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels)

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