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Among the many amazing things the Japanese have chosen to share with the world, the concept of ikigai is probably the most profound. Living a long life is largely linked to a person’s happiness, and since Japan is home to the largest number of centenarians in the world, there’s probably something to this, right? 

The word ikigai is a compound of two Japanese words: iki, meaning life or alive, and kai, meaning effect, worth or benefit. These two words culminate to mean "a reason for being." The word is also used to refer to the mental and spiritual circumstances that individuals consider valuable in their lives. Finding your ikigai can be split into four parts — your passion, mission, vocation and profession — and discovering all these is said to bring fulfilment and happiness.

Dig deep

People discover their passions through various ways, be it a life-changing experience, by chance or through deep introspection. Finding something you feel strongly about will keep you on the path to staying true to yourself and allow you to persevere through adversity.

Do more, worry less

Most people have more than one passion, sometimes more than one that can be pursued in a single lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wait for the right moment for all of them. Do something when the opportunity arises and if it does not, create an opportunity. Every small step counts towards finding your true passion, and remember that every step is worthwhile.

Communication is key

Allow yourself the pleasure of listening and learning from people who share the same interests. You’ll be surprised by the insights, observations, mistakes and even opportunities that like-minded individuals can provide. This will help to spur your own efforts to find what keeps you going.

Failure is the best teacher 

They say that failures are blessings in disguise and are obstacles sent by the universe to guide you to the right track. In your pursuit, you may experience various difficulties, such as lack of support, ideas that don’t work out or financial issues. This is perfectly normal. The sooner you recognise that setbacks are part of the process, the sooner quicker you’ll be able to dust yourself off and keep moving towards your goal.



In the past three years, we have spotted two defined style trends in the Clozette Community that have never wavered in popularity no matter the season. Whether we're in the middle of a scorching summer or experiencing a streak of rainy afternoons, the uplifting aesthetic of florals and pastels remained as wardrobe staples. These days, stylish gals are even combining the two beloved styles to create pastel floral outfits. Keep scrolling to take a look at how fashionistas are sporting the revamped look of two enduring trends.


(Photo from: ElaineHeng)


(Photo from: laveenab)



We've got only one week to go till we celebrate CNY 2019. And by this time, we bet that you've already picked out an outfit. However, your ensemble isn't complete without adding some fancy Chinese New Year accessories to match the occasion. From opulent gold necklaces to chic earrings, here are the pieces you should consider wearing for the festivities.

Goldheart Headfirst Pendants & Fortune Pig Charms

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One of the best things that the Year of the Pig brings is cute CNY merchandise. Even jewellery pieces are sold with attached adorable pig charms. It's not only worn for aesthetic, but these accessories can also bring luck to the wearer. Pair these three-dimensional yellow gold Headfirst Pendants & Fortune Pig Charms with your Lunar New Year outfit for an added prosperous touch.

Oscar De La Renta painted flowers

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If you're someone who's not really into showy accessories, you can also wear a simple pair of button earrings. Try this versatile, gold-lined pair from Oscar De La Renta, which works not only for the Chinese New Year but also for other events.

BONIA Ananas collection

MYR899/~USD218.50 (

Due to its similarities with the Chinese word that roughly means "come prosperity", the Pineapple or wong lai in Cantonese and ong lai in Hokkien, has long been a symbol of good luck and prosperity for the Chinese. Boost your luck this year by sporting this pineapple-themed bag from BONIA. It's also a perfect piece for the upcoming summer season.

Chloé Rosie


Explore the Chinese New Year capsule collections of heritage brands and you'll surely find unique designer pieces. This year, we spotted this chic pair of rose-tinted sunglasses from Chloé. If you love dainty accessories, you won't want to miss adding this pretty pair to your arsenal.

Olivia Burton Enchanted Garden Gold


The start of the Lunar New Year is the perfect opportunity to scout for new wristwatches. Various regal designs with gold trimmings and touches of red are released by this time of the year. Out of all the latest launches, this elegant timepiece from Olivia Burton caught our eye. Whether you pair it with your go-to cheongsam or just your casual workwear, its sophisticated allure will give any outfit an added charm.

Bata CNY collection

Fans of floral designs will be delighted with Bata's Chinese New Year collection for 2019. From the casual slingbacks to dressy wedges, all the pieces in this release are adorned with delicate traditional detailing and contemporary touches. The good news doesn't stop there. For branches in Singapore, Bata is offering some special in-store promotions and attractive offers with just a minimum purchase and spend of two items at SGD68.

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