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Power dressing may seem easy, but aside from the challenge of putting clothes together to create a really strong and confident vibe, it's also not light on the pockets to create a full office wardrobe on top of your casual wear. But what if we tell you that your trusty gym clothes can double up as pieces to curate a stylish and functional work OOTDs?

Start rummaging through your sports bras and blazers as we share our best hacks to help you pass off your fitness clothes as office wear. 

Play with layers

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Since crop tops are no longer strangers to the workplace setting, high-waisted slacks and a blazer can easily switch your sports bra from a gym garment to a girl boss top in no time. 

When in doubt, go for monochrome

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Flowy shorts are not only comfortable to wear when busting out some sweat in the gym, but it can also create an effortlessly chic semi-casual look for not-too-busy days in the office. Just stick with a solid colour scheme and top it off with a scene-stealing blazer and no one will even notice the difference, trust us!

Take advantage of its simplicity

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Have dry-fit shirts that are print-free? Transform it into something that can make you own that important meeting without breaking a sweat. Put on a cardigan and balance the outfit out by amping up your accessorising game, and voila! Power outfit made. 

Accentuate your silhouette

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Have an office function coming up? Slay with your go-to gym tank top and a high-waisted bottom to give emphasis to your silhouette. With this simple hack, no one will ever be able to look away from your makeshift romper/dress!

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Sometimes, you just can't pass up on the chance to capture a great outfit photo, especially when you see a fitting background that will complement the ensemble you carefully put together. We get it, and we can see some members of the community feeling the same way too. Get inspired to snap a pic in front of a cool wall with the help of these photos.

A Touch of Nature

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White Out

(Photo from: Vanessaxlim)



Last Friday, 30 of Singapore’s most eligible bachelors gathered under one roof for the 22nd CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor finals party. From cheeky (or cheesy, you can decide later) pick-up lines to reenacting the Magic Mike moment, the heat was on. On top of the crowning of CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2017, here are our favourite moments from the party.

Funny man Shaun

With his witty remarks and funny antics, co-host of the evening, Shaun Tupaz from One FM 91.3 certainly added an entertaining flavour to the evening’s event. After a striptease segment by the bachelors, Shaun returned back on stage in his vest and tie — sans his white shirt — and gave a little twerking performance, drawing the crowd’s laughter. It’s no surprise that the radio personality dabbles in stand up comic. There was definitely good chemistry between Shaun and his co-host, Kiss 92’s Charmaine, too.

Cheeky pick-up lines

“I work as a lawyer as my day job. If you’d like, you can come to my office, and we can go through all your assets.” The bachelors took to the stage with a little self-intro each that struck a fine line between being cheeky and cheesy. Some were provocative. Some were funny. Some were, in all honesty, a teeny-weeny cringe-worthy. But we say, a hundred points to the bachelors for trying their best to impress!


During the games segment, the bachelors partnered up with some lucky ladies from the crowd. The couples had to keep dancing until the music stopped, before fighting to fit their faces into a frame. The last couple standing was, without a doubt, determined to win. In exchange, the crowd was treated to a hilarious sight.

That Magic Mike moment

Needless to say, a striptease was mandatory at the annual event. The iconic Pony by Ginuwine came on. The shirts came off. The crowd went wild.

Wins of the evening

The Freshest Face award went to Leon Markcus, while Kishan. J took home the Talk of the Town award. The biggest winner of the night — CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2017 — was none other than 25-year-old Amos Ngeow, co-founder of men’s suit company, Prestige Wear. And of course, the evening ended with a champagne popping bang by the topless Ngeow. Congratulations!