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Eyes are the windows to the soul. They speak volumes even when you don't. So it's only fitting that you make sure they do the talking and that what they "say" is, at the least, nice. We've always attributed "eyes that sparkle" to being healthy, confident and happy, making it something we want to always project. If you feel like you need a little help in that department, don't fret. Ahead, our tips on getting eyes that shine.

Glossy, healthy eyes

There's nothing quite like having healthy eyes. But it's even better when your eyes reflect your individuality. Make sure you're sending this message by taking good care of your peepers. A little colour also helps in achieving that. Say "I love what's #UniquelyMe" through your eyes with the ACUVUE Define Radiant Sweet contact lenses. The mix of espresso brown and tan colours give the eyes a reflective teary effect. The lenses also enhance the eye's depth and enlarge the iris for eyes that say look-at-me. 

Magic eyes

Brighten up your eyes with a little help of magic... Magic Eyes Brightening Stick from BeYu, that is. A good trick to use when you want to make your eyes appear brighter (or larger) is to use a nude shade of liner on your lower waterline. This product was created for that and more. Aside from using it under the eyes, you can also put it on your lids as a cream eyeshadow.

Frame 'em

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The eyes are the windows to the soul, so think of the brows as the curtains that accentuate them. You don't want curtains that look dishevelled, right? Nowadays, everyone's about having eyebrows on fleek. It's a fair goal, but you don't always have to go full-on glam to achieve that look. Get natural-looking brows that work with Benefit Cosmetics Soft & Natural Brows kit. It includes everything you need for brows that wow: Benefit's goof proof kit, their signature Tips & Tricks, and special brow stencils.

Lash love

Peepers with fluttery lashes command attention. Don't forget to give your lashes some love. Make sure they're facing the heavens, giving focus on your eyes. Add a coat (or two or, okay, three) of the Browhaus HD Lengthening Mascara for fluttery lashes that look perfect all day.

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As beauty junkies, we can already attest to the power of cosmetics in warding off bad vibes. Even just a swipe of our favourite lippie can already improve our mood. But did you know that your beauty look can also help in attracting good fortune? It's as simple as wearing your lucky colours in your beauty look. 

We consulted with New Trend Lifestyle on what lucky and on-trend colours we can consider to improve our luck in 2018, the Year of the Dog. Read on as we recommend the beauty style you can try according to your zodiac sign.

Blue Under Eyeliner for Rat (鼠)

(Photo from: paradeoflove)

Blue is one of your main lucky colours for 2018. Instead of using the regular blue eyeshadow, why not spice it up a bit with blue under eyeliner instead? It’s just a little icing, but it goes a long way in making your eyes pop.

Black Lipstick or Smokey Eyes for Ox (牛)

(Photo from: ladies_journal)

Black and coffee are your best bets for next year. If you’re up for a daring look, then go ahead and try wearing a black lip colour from time to time. Alternatively, you can go for a smokey eye look using black and coffee colours as your main shades.

Bold, Red Lip for Tiger (虎)

(Photo from: becksko)

Everybody can wear a red lip and sport the confident attitude that comes with it. You can try popular red lipsticks that are known to be flattering for all skin tones, like M.A.C's Ruby Woo or the new Fenty Beauty Stunna.

Light Green Eyeshadow for Rabbit (兔)

(Photo from: SuzanneLikeIt)

Green eyeshadow can be tricky; the key to making it work is to only add to areas you want to emphasize like your lids. With practice, you’ll perfect this look just in time to welcome the new year.

Drunken Blush for Dragon (龙)

(Photo from: tebisha)

Drunken blush is a trendy look — and colour — right now, and pink is the shade of choice to achieve this natural-looking makeup. It just so happens that it’s also a lucky colour for Dragons this coming 2018.

Silver Nail Polish for Snake (蛇)

(Photo from: GlamMama)

Give your matte polishes a rest and paint your digits with metallic hues next year. Silver is a favourable shade for you.

Orange Lips for Horse (马)

(Photo from: AnastasiaLove)

Attract fortune and catch eyes at the same time in a bright orange lipstick. As a general rule, fair-skinned ladies should go for deep and peach-orange while those with medium to dark complexions can wear plain orange and corals.

Gold Eyeshadow for Goat (羊)

(Photo from: thoughtsatweekend)

Go for the gold this 2018, literally and figuratively. Add a little shimmer to your makeup style with gold-coloured eyeshadow.

Purple Hair Or Purple Polish for Monkey (猴)

(Photo from: Guesswai)

As someone who is born under the Monkey sign, being eccentric and playful are some of your prominent traits and they reflect on your beauty choices. So if you’re considering another hair revamp next year, take note that one of your lucky colours is purple. Then again, if circumstances won’t allow you to experiment with hair colour, you can go for a purple manicure instead.

Yellow Eyeshadow for Rooster (鸡)

(Photo from: fionaseah)

It can be daunting at first, but yellow eyeshadow can work when combined with a darker, complementary colour like orange. The intensity of the look can be calibrated depending on the occasion. For example, yellow can be added just to the lids for more formal events.

Fuschia Lips for Dog (狗)

(Photo from: Claireaudreylim)

Ditch the light pinks and instead pick some darker pink variants like fuchsia and mulberry. Both colours are your lucky charms next year.

Nude Lipstick or Nude Nails for Pig (猪)

(Photo from: PhyliciaMarie)

Beige is a great choice for you in 2018. If you haven’t found the perfect nude lippie for you yet, then give the colour beige a try. If it doesn’t suit you, clean, nude beige nails are also an option.

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Predicting fashion and beauty trends is a bold endeavor, but we're ready to take on the challenge. Based on runway collections and emerging trends, 2018 is shaping up to be a year of flamboyant aesthetic filled rich colours, ravishing designs, and dazzling beauty looks. 

Beyond the physical aspect of fashion and beauty, it's safe to say that more brands will be taking steps to rise up to the demands of today's tech-inclined and socially aware consumers. Keep reading to know more about our daring forecast.

Rise Of Demi-Couture

The term 'demi-couture' is not quite defined yet as it is a relatively new concept. Generally speaking, it's a category of clothes that has the intricacy and quality of couture without the bespoke and extravagant price point. We often see these pieces nestled under multi-label fashion outlets like SocietyA. While the term prêt-à-porter is often associated with high-fashion brands, 'demi-couture' is a much broader term that puts the spotlight on emerging designers.

We're predicting that the preference for demi-couture will be a reaction to recent controversies involving fast fashion brands, triggering interest in young, local brands that offer great craftsmanship for an affordable price. 

PVC Footwear

Take the glamour of Cinderella's glass slippers plus the practicality of contemporary footwear and the result would be these glam PVC shoes. From CHANEL's futuristic transparent boots to the Jimmy Choo x Off-White collab, we're confident that we'll be seeing more of these designs on the streets very, very soon.

Hint Of '70-'80s Flashy Aesthetic

When we look back at the 2010s, we'll surely conclude that it's a decade pumped with nostalgia. In its earlier years, most silhouettes were inspired by the 1950s with the peter pan collars and midi hemlines. Now, it's all about the flashy 1980s. Take, for example, Gucci and Coach's recent collections that both featured vibrant pieces in striking, bold hues. In the Philippine scene, Rajo Laurel's 'When I Was Five' Spring Summer collection is a product of the time period's nostalgia with its elaborate patterns. All that being said, we can expect a more colourful year ahead. 

Ruffles And Tulles

To say that ruffles and tulles are going to be big next year is an understatement, based on the recent Spring Summer Collections launched by prominent fashion brands. Even at Manila Fashion Festival, the trend is evident in almost every collection. 

Pastel Purple

Move over millennial pink, a new pastel hue is in town. The colour's dominance was already noted during the Spring Summer 2018 fashion shows. And with Pantone anointing its sibling shade 'Ultra Violet' as the colour of the year, we'd expect the fashion and beauty industry to launch more pieces with pastel purple in mind. 

Under Eyeliner

We're shifting our focus on on the lower part of the eyes when it comes to eyeliners. This look is all about having fun, so go ahead and experiment with different colours to wear for next year.

Accessible Custom Makeup

Customised makeup is nothing new, but the idea was never really popularised among the mass consumer. There are a lot of factors why the concept did not make it into the mainstream beauty community, but it may all boil down to inaccessibility (at least to the Southeast Asian market). For now, the closest that we can get to a wide range of foundation colours are Fenty Beauty's foundations. Although, we predict that before 2018 ends, we'll be one step closer to making customised makeup available and attainable.

Shoppable Videos

Have you ever watched a TV show and wondered where you can buy the leading lady's outfit? We all did. And thanks to the wonders of technology, it's now totally possible to shop the exact clothing as seen on TV via these "shoppable videos". Click here to experience it for yourself. This a good start, and we're anticipating its widespread popularity sooner than later.