How To Get That Perfect K-Beauty Summer Glow | Clozette

The summer heat somehow gets more and more extreme every year and it can get a little hard to maintain the freshness of our makeup throughout the day. What we need is a makeup regimen that can keep our face looking bright and fresh despite the weather.

One thing we can use as inspiration is how Korean girls seemed to have mastered the dewy-but-not-oily look. So read on to find out how to get that perfectly wanted summer glow!


Prep your skin with ampoules

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If you don’t know about how amazing ampoules are, we’ve already gushed about how they could be the next big thing in skincare. The key to nailing the K-beauty summer glow is by making sure that your skin is at its A-game.
Prime your face for a smooth base

To get that poreless and flawless finish as well as to ensure that your makeup stays perfectly in place, reach for a primer that suits your skin type. We're currently loving the Etude House’s Face Blur. It's lightweight and does not clog the pores which is a top priority especially during the humid season.

Use a lightweight, hydrating foundation

A foundation with heavy consistency can make it hard for your skin to breathe, causing sweat and oil to build up. To avoid this, we recommend using a cushion foundation like The Face Shop’s CC Cushion. It's moisturising and light to wear and compatible for those with normal to oily skin types.

Go for straight and soft brows

Anything too loud or bold should be reserved for autumn because summer is all about looking easy on the eyes! Avoid overly sculpting your brows and opt for simply filling in the gaps with one of our top product picks: Kill Brow by Clio.

Finish it off with a pink or coral shades

Since we’re going for a natural and summer ready look, pink and coral tones are the best to wear during the day. Give your cheeks a natural splash of colour with the Tony Moly Crystal Blush in 03 and swipe your lips with the Laneige Two-Tone Lip Bar to complete the look. 


Did we miss any of your favourite K-summer glow products? Share it with us in the comments below!


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Who here can’t wait to start swimming in beaches, walking around fine sand, and just enjoying the warmth of the sun? While summer is a great time to catch up on some much-needed R&R, we should never forget to protect our hair from dangerous UV rays of the sun.

We often focus on our skin and protecting it with SPF; but did you know that the sun can damage your hair as well? Frizz, coarse texture, and dryness are just some of the things that can happen to your hair if you leave it unprotected!

So to keep your locks healthy and bouncy, we listed down our tips and favourite products that will care and protect your strands during summer!


Use a clarifying shampoo

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No one can really avoid sweat during summer. And when we sweat, all the hair products that we use can gather in our scalp and irritate it. So if you’re scalp is feeling congested or “dirty,” a clarifying shampoo will be your summer BFF! We recommend the Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo – it’s formulated with minerals and sea botanicals, which will wipe out impurities but still give your hair a breezy and soft touch!

Repair it with a strengthening conditioner

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Due to harsher weather during summer, our hair is more prone to damage such as dryness and frizziness. To combat this, use a repairing conditioner, such as the TRESemme Platinum Strength Conditioner, to strengthen each of your strands! This conditioner will reinforce your hair’s natural protective barrier so you can be assured that your tresses will remain soft and protected from future damage.

Put on a little SPF

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Just like our skin needs SPF, our hair needs sun protection too. And to make sure that our locks are soft and hydrated, we always go to Wella Sun Protection Leave-In Spray! It contains 2 phases, wherein the first phase protects hair from harmful UV rays; while the second phase hydrates the hair with a vitamin complex to leave our crowning glories irresistibly soft!

Spruce up your 2nd day hair

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With more and more people skipping washing their hair every day, when it comes to summer, you’re going to need a powerful dry shampoo. Why? Because when you sweat, a lot of oils can get stuck in your scalp, leading to your hair feeling greasy and limp. To avoid this, we recommend the Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo because it gently cleanses your hair to make it look fresh again, and it adds volume so you can get easily extend the wear of your beachy waves!

Treat it with a weekly mask

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To complete your summer haircare routine, a weekly mask, or treatment, is a must. If you want to revitalise your hair to make it softer and more manageable, then the L’OCCITANE Repairing Mask is the perfect one for this season! It contains essential oils, amino acids, and an anti-breakage complex to transform dry and damaged hair.


How are you going to care for your hair this summer? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comment box below!



A mainstay in most K-Beauty skincare routines but have yet to reach cult status in more western routines, Ampoules have been our best skincare friend for a while now. A high-potency booster for your skin, an ampoule is somehow like a serum but with more things to offer. It is made up of highly concentrated active ingredients that adapt to different skin types and improves the skin’s condition twice as fast as a normal skincare product. 

Want to know more? We’ve listed down the need-to-know facts about ampoules and why you should totally add it to your skincare routine. 


It’s a skin pick-me-up

Ampoules are designed to be potent, giving your skin a quick pick-me-up whenever you need it. So whenever your skin is feeling dull and dehydrated, add an ampoule to your nighttime skincare routine and wake up to revitalised skin in the morning. 

It's great for lazy skincare days

Ampoules can replace any skincare treatment you use on your face. So on days when you're feeling lazy to go through your entire routine, just grab an ampoule--like the DCS Nutriderm Ampoule. It has excellent anti-oxidant properties that fights free radical damage, prevents wrinkle formation, and gives the skin a supple glow--working its magic like a serum and a moisturiser combined.

It can be worn under makeup

Certain ampoules are great even under makeup, somehow making your makeup last longer while nourishing your skin through the day. One example would be DCS Aquaderm Super Aqua Ampoule that keeps the skin more hydrated, controls sebum, gives the skin extra moisture, tightens pores, and overall makes the skin more radiant while making sure that your makeup sits in place.

It saves you time and money

We have to admit that the road to clearer and healthier skin can sometimes be a bit heavy on the pockets. This is why we truly recommend investing on ampoules. Aside from the 'once or twice a week only' usage, it can also replace your other supplements and can make your skincare routine more streamlined without sacrificing results. 


Have you tried ampoules before? Share your experience with us in the comments below!