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We all aspire to live a balanced life, with no part toppling over and no portion forgotten. But despite the word “balance” being thrown around frequently and easily, getting a hold of it in real life can be quite a feat. With all the responsibilities given to us and all the goals we set for ourselves, how can we make sure that we can catch life’s elusive equilibrium? The secret is putting you at the centre. No, don’t feel squeamish about elevating your personal goals to the top of your list. Love yourself! And take these steps to ensure you achieve a more balanced life.

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Identify what balance means

There’s no better person to give meaning to “balance” than you. Does it mean being able to give yourself time while accomplishing all that is asked of you? Is balance about giving a piece of yourself to a cause you’re passionate about while going about your daily routine? For some people, they bask in their achievements at work and are happier working rather than taking a day off. And that’s okay. Much like success, what balance means is completely up to you.

Feed your soul 

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If you don’t have the luxury of being able to do what you are most passionate about daily, make sure you give yourself at least one day per week to indulge in it. Or if you’re someone who takes pride in being able to make a living out of something you love doing, it’s time to create a new outlet and find a new passion.

No matter how much you love something, doing it again and again for a long period of time can get taxing. So make sure you take breaks and find other things that will feed your soul so you can always go back to loving your passions with as much strength as when you first dabbled in them.

Create a self-care regimen

Give yourself time in all aspects, but most especially in self-care. Don’t be scared to spend a little more time in the shower or adding an extra step to your skincare routine. Most importantly, use the right grooming products to give your self-care regimen a boost.

Rejoice Perfect Balance

The Rejoice Perfect Balance series offers luxurious smoothness to the hair. Plus, it’s formulated with an upgraded perfume scent, flower water with witch hazel and essential oils with evening primrose for the ideal golden ratio.

Depending on your hair care need, take your pick among four variants from the series. The Perfect Balance for Rich Soft Smooth is infused with smooth serum that conditions each strand from root to tip; Perfect Balance for Frizz Repair treats five signs of hair damage, including frizz, tangles, roughness, dryness and dullness; Perfect Balance for Anti-Hairfall contains olive oil essence for smoother, softer and stronger hair; and Perfect Balance for Anti Dandruff 3-in-1 fights dandruff with menthol without drying your strands out.

We often relegate hair care as unnecessary, with inner remarks that range from “It’s just hair!” to “It’s just too much work.” But have you ever caught yourself smiling at your reflection in the mirror at the sight of a good hair day? How you look — including the way your hair looks — affects you psychologically. So make sure you invest in products that work great in keeping your tresses healthy and well-balanced.

Treat your body well 

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There’s no denying that everything in our lives jolts and halts when we get sick. In order to continue enjoying the things you normally do — and add more experiences — make sure you’re treating your body right. No, you don’t need to say a final farewell to foods and drinks that are not found in the “healthy” category, but do make sure that you don’t indulge in them more than the ones that actually nourish your body. Exercising helps as well, not just in maintaining your body’s health but also your mind’s.

Go easy on yourself 

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Finding balance in life is not banked on the idea that nothing goes wrong or that things are always of symmetry and perfect sound. If you focus on always getting things right and to perfection, you won’t be able to appreciate the nuances that make life interesting. Strike the perfect balance by celebrating your victories and forgiving yourself when you disappoint yourself.

Live a more balanced life starting with self-care. Give your hair some lovin’ and get a bottle of Rejoice Perfect Balance series here.



What better way to start the week than with fashion and beauty news that are hot off the press? Take a break from your tedious Monday by scrolling through the latest happenings below. 

Huxley Skincare lands in Singapore

Huxley Skincare Singapore

Need a new skincare brand to satisfy your K-beauty fix? Good news! Korean skincare brand Huxley has finally arrived in Singapore. Taking its chic, minimalist and luxurious allure to this region, the brand comes to SG with the introduction of its new selection of cleansers namely the Cleansing Oil; Deep Clean, Deep Moist and Cleansing Foam; Deep Clean, Deep Moist. Grab these new releases and more Huxley favourites online via huxley.sg and in-store at M Beauty at Metro Centrepoint.

Uniqlo opens its biggest store in South East Asia

The Japanese fashion retail brand that champions 'all things basic' has chosen Manila as the location of its biggest flagship store in Southeast Asia, which is approximately 4,100 square meters in size. The store, their 52nd branch in the Philippines, is the fourth largest in market and store count outside Japan. 

Supermodel offsprings taking the reins in beauty's biggest houses

We've all heard about Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia Gerber owning the runways and signing various modelling campaigns. Just recently, she was listed as the new ambassador of YSL beauty. But she's not the only supermodel daughter who's been snagging the spotlight. Kate Moss' 16-year-old daughter Lila has just been unveiled as Marc Jacob Beauty's new face — talk about a massive thing to add to your portfolio as your first beauty campaign ever, right? With the rise of these modelling 'legacies', we can't help but wonder whose supermodel daughter or son will be making their name in the industry next. 

Fenty Beauty introduces Chill Owt Holiday Collection

Queen Rih knows just how to keep our makeup-loving hearts bursting with excitement as Fenty Beauty teases a new collection that will make your holiday makeup popping like there's no tomorrow. Perfect for your plans for this festive season, the gorgeous Chill Owt metallic crayons, both in warm and cool shades, claim to work as your eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip liner or lipstick. Keep your shopping carts ready as this will go on sale on the Fenty Beauty website and on Sephora on 12 October.

Coach celebrates reopening at Marina Bay Sands

Coach Marina Bay Sands

Last 5 October, Coach announced the reopening of its store at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands through a special and exclusive event. The official ribbon cutting was headed by brand ambassador Kiko Mizuhara with brand executives, President of Coach Asia Giorgio Sarne and General Manager of Coach Southeast Asia and Oceania Emmanuel Ruelland. The brand’s distinctive modern luxury concept is very prominent in the store, showcasing leather and natural wood finishes inspired by a sophisticated yet playful New York vibe. 

Dating app Bumble plans to launch skincare line

No luck finding love through dating apps? Then maybe you should swipe right to give your skin some loving instead. Dating-turned-casual-networking app Bumble's CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd recently said in an interview that the company is now looking into working with dermatologists and psychotherapists to create a skincare line that aims to address not just skin issues but also its relationship and connection with mental health. Sadly, it's still unclear as to when the solid plans for this interesting take on skincare will fully launch, but it sure piqued our interest enough for us to keep our eyes peeled for any progress. 

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We're capping off the week with fun news from the worlds of fashion and beauty. From a surprise superstar sighting to a much-awaited new release, here are some news to bring with you to the weekend.

Rihanna in Southeast Asia

Rihanna in Southeast Asia

As part of Fenty Beauty's celebration of its first year anniversary, Rihanna paid Singapore a visit and introduced new additions to her Stunna Lip Paint Line. There are now five shades: Uncensored (red), Unveil (brown), Uncuffed (mauve-pink), Unbutton (peachy nude) and Uninvited (black).

Vanilla Pumpkin is back

Vanilla Pumpkin

Halloween is just around the corner, and if there were autumn in our region, we're pretty sure you'll be celebrating it, too. But just the same, you can get into the autumn vibe in our tropical location with the help of The Body Shop's Vanilla Pumpkin collection. Enjoy the indulgently fragrant products in a limited-edition packaging inspired by autumnal colours and Dia de los Muertos. Head to the nearest The Body Shop stores in the Philippines to get your hands on the Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter (PHP995/~USD18), Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Gel (PHP500/~USD9) and Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream (PHP375/~USD7).

Diane von Fur-free

Diane von Furstenberg is the latest brand to go fur-free. The brand's CEO Sandra Campos announced the news that starting 2019, it will no longer use fur, angora, mohair and exotic skins in their products.

New Le Labo

Le Labo gained a cult-like following thanks to their scent named Santal 33. They're not resting on their laurels, though. Three years since their last release, the brand is bringing out Tonka 51, which is said to have a dark and woody scent sprinkled with a bit of sweetness. It will be available starting 15 October. 

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