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How To Know When To Let Your Beauty Products Go

These are the things you should look out for

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Just like you, we, too, know how it feels to find a holy grail makeup product; it changes the makeup game for us and we think of it as something we can never live without, making it a staple in our makeup bags. However, the love we have for certain holy grail items often means that the products are in our collections for way too long (and we just can’t bear to part with them!).

Makeup is not meant to last forever, though, and when used beyond its expiration date, it can actually cause us more harm than good. So if one of your goals this year is to avoid goopy lip glosses and dried out mascaras from making an appearance in your makeup arsenal again, below are the signs that will tell you when it’s time to let your beauty products go.


It's over two years old

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Makeup can expire between three months and two years. But whether it’s in liquid, cream or powder formula, if it’s over two years old, it’s time to throw it out. Even if you think that the product still works well, its expired ingredients might cause your skin to break out or give you irritation or an infection — yikes!


It’s emitting a foul odour

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Just because the product says it can last for six months or two years doesn’t mean it always will. A lot of factors can contribute to makeup expiring more quickly, but the number one sign you should always look out for is the smell. If a certain bronzer used to smell like coconuts but now smells like spoiled food, it means you can no longer use it.

You find yourself never reaching for it

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We all have those products that we never reach for but still keep for various reasons. But whatever the reason is, if it’s not being used, let it go. Why not donate it to someone who you think will get more use out of it? Keep in mind, though, that if you’re going to donate makeup, it’s barely been used and still looks semi-brand new — giving someone expired makeup is just cruel!


It is literally gathering dust in your collection

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If your collection is as vast as your wardrobe, go through it to see if there are any products in the back that aren’t being used. And if they haven’t expired, why not put them back into your makeup rotation? However, if you find a product that you know you won’t ever use, give them to someone else or throw them out.


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