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How To Leave A Lasting Impression

There are countless of ways to stand out--by looking good, wearing something loud, having tons of followers on your social media accounts...etc. But these things are just temporary, and they certainly fade away over a period of time when another one who stands out takes over. So be the type of person who will be remembered under a positive light--someone who exudes that perfect balance of sophistication and attitude--creating a lasting impression upon everyone you meet. 

If you want to channel that aura and constantly leave a lasting positive impression, here are 5 ways to do it. 


Dress Properly For The Occasion

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Arriving at your destination wearing your best outfit is certainly one way to make an entrance. Putting the effort in your outfit doesn't just make you look fashionable, it also reflects how important the event is to you, and consequently, how important the person you're meeting is to you. 

Wear A Bold Lipstick

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A bold lip colour will definitely make people turn heads when you pass by. It has that power to allure people and make them want to listen to you when you speak. It also puts the spotlight on even the tiniest details, such as smiling or laughing. Additionally, it also adds that boost of confidence you need to exude a sophisticated aura. 

Strike Up A Good Conversation

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An impression will surely last if you impart a piece of yourself to someone. The easiest way to do that is to talk to people, get to know them, and strike up a good conversation that is beyond the usual the small talk and awkward silences. Say something inspiring, or something funny, and the memory of that is something they'll remember when they think about you.


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A smile will take you places. It exudes an amiable and approachable aura that everybody loves. If you flash someone a genuine smile, or smile every so often, then that person will remember how beautiful you looked and the positive your aura of that specific moment. 

Keep It Real

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Oscar Wilde once said "Be yourself, everyone else is taken." Don't hold yourself back and don't worry about what other people may say about you. At the end of the day, it's your personality that will make that lasting impression. 

Who has made a lasting impression in your life? Share it with us in the comments below!