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How To Let Go Of Toxic People In Your Life

Free yourself from negativity this year

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Remember how a new year often means a renewed, refreshed, and clutter-free life? Well, that doesn’t just mean decluttering your makeup stash and wardrobe, it also pertains to people and relationships.

Toxic people are notorious for wanting to always be in control, are highly manipulative, and never sharing your joy. That's why the dynamics between you and them usually entail you always trying to please them. Does this sound like anyone you know? If so, here are five quick ways you can let go of all the toxic people in your life to give you a better year ahead.


Be brave

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If you’re keeping these people in your life because you’re afraid to lose friends or cause drama, don't be. Having all that negative energy in your life won’t do you any good, so cut the cord and be firm with your actions. We guarantee you’ll feel better after!

Get real

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Do you have a toxic relationship with your best friend or boyfriend? If you suspect so, then be true to yourself. We know it might hurt to let go of them, but staying in these types of relationships won't benefit anyone.


Stay calm

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Whatever happens, just stay calm. If drama arises, then handle it in a civilised manner – there’s no need to act like you’re in a soap opera. Not only will you save time and energy, but it also might spare you and the person you are letting go of unnecessary heartache.

Focus on your goals

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This year, put all your energy into achieving your goals and dreams and surround yourself with people who will encourage you and make you happy. Since toxic people can often stress you out, focusing on something positive will change your life for the better.


Communicate well

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Be frank with your intentions. If you aim to let go of this or that person this year, make sure you do it well. Be kind, be respectful, and above all, don’t treat them the way they treat you.