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As we grow older, we come to realise that making our dreams to reality all boils down to hard work and dedication. But did it ever occur to you that the starting point to reach all those dreams is a piece of paper -- the résumé.

Statistically speaking, tens and thousands of students graduate from universities every three months, making the competition for jobs a real battle field. There are piles and piles of résumés that employers have to review. 

Aim for a chance to ace that first impression during the interview. Here are our top résumé tips to land you a step closer to your dream job!


Tweak your résumé based on the job you're applying for

If you send out a generic résumé to every company, chances are you'll miss out on key points that you can actually work to your advantage. Qualifications and skill requirements may vary based on the company's culture and dynamic so make sure you tweak your résumé to make sure you fit the bill. Highlight your artistic skills if you're going for a creativity-driven job and your leadership and team-centric values if the job requires project management and team cooperation.
List down accomplishments, not responsibilities

Instead of simply putting your responsibilities as a team leader for a specific project, highlight the successes of the project under your leadership. This will give the impression that you are results-driven and can commit to tasks to the best of your ability.

Use the word 'utilise' instead of 'practise' 

One of the mistakes new graduates have in their résumés is using the phrase 'practise the skills I learned in university'. It may be a simple phrasing issue but employers are not interested in applicants who simply aim to use their companies as a guinea pig. Using those words can be enough to have them bypass your application on the spot and to make sure that doesn't happen, a simple switch from 'practise' to 'utilise' can raise your chances significantly.

Use a clean, professional format

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With tons of résumés to review, make sure you don't give the employer a reason to send your résumé straight to the bin. Use a simple sans-serif font, a crisp professional photo, neatly spaced paragraphs, and bullet points for key phrases to make it easier to review. Also reduce irrelevant information that does not relate to the job description to keep your résumé short and straight to the point. Don't forget to place your name and a page number to each part of your résumé so that it's easier to keep track of even if the staples come loose.

Consider your character reference list

'Available upon request' is one of the most common phrases found in a lot of people's résumés. But most of them miss out on the fact that not a lot of employers would go out of their way to request this from you especially with a lot of other résumés to review. Don't be afraid to list down at least three references in your résumé to help avoid inconveniences for your employer. This will give them all the information they need to keep you in consideration.

Plus, don't forget to give your references a heads up before adding them to your résumé to ensure that they're willing to give you a two-thumbs up in case the employer gives them a ring. 


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Summer is slowly slipping away and before we even know it, we're faced another school year. Now before you start thinking about homework and, well, more homework, we have to admit that there are a lot of things to look forward to in school.

One of those things is finally having an excuse to take out those cute fashion pieces that's been hiding in your closet while you frolicked around in beachwear for the past couple of months. There's also planning out which personal essentials you'll bring to school for the next 10 months which is a pretty big deal.  

With that said, how can we forget the holy grail of all school essentials that just puts everything together-- your school bag. From carrying our school survival kit to keeping all of our ultimate school secrets (like notes from our crush), picking out the right school bag is undeniably a significant task. 

That's why we listed our top bag picks that don't compromise style and functionality to make sure you're all set for that school year ahead!


A classic satchel

Satchels give off an incredibly versatile vibe that's perfect even for after-school plans with your friends. Plus, the satchel's signature cover flap not only adds to one of its stylish elements but also gives our belongings another layer of security.

The ever-so-reliable messenger bag

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Whether you're a fan of the sling or the backstrap version, messenger bags have earned their spot in every back-to-school bag list for good reason. Spacious, simply chic, and perfect for all types of weather, you don't have to worry about keeping your stuff organised while keeping in style with this pick!

A chic tote bag

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From laptops to notebooks to your makeup pouch, totes are definitely the way to go. Whether you're going for a casual ensemble or you're all dressed up for an important project presentation, this bag is perfect for either occasion. Plus, it's still reliable when you move on to job hunting and even as you venture into the working world!

A simple drawstring bag

Drawstrings are perfect for school festivals or trips because of its casual yet stylish look. Whether you're packing clothes or snacks, this can work wonders for you in terms of space and weight. 

The good ol' backpack

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Are you a one-strapper or a two-strapper? With its stylishly geeky feel and tried-and-tested functionality, there's no denying that backpacks bag the crown for the ultimate back-to-school must-have!


Which of our back-to-school bag picks are you going to sport this year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!



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Walking into the office sporting your best power dressing OOTD is exciting. Your demeanour and outfit makes you appear strong and independent, capable of achieving your dreams.

However, when you’re a working girl, the struggle of waking up early in the morning just to plan your day’s outfit is real. You want to be able to show off your personality, without looking over-the-top, or like you didn’t put in any effort at all, right?

So if you’re stuck in rut trying to figure out how to plan your next “work-fit”, here are our 4 tips on how to choose the perfect looks without having to sacrifice your beauty rest!


Plan ahead of time

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Extend your beauty sleep on weekdays by planning your outfits ahead of time! You can hang them in your closet in a chronological order, so this way, you won’t be rushing every morning and you’ll wake up calm and relaxed.

Take note of your office's dress code

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Working in a place without uniforms is an opportunity to bring out your personality. But you should always remember to take note of your office’s dress code when planning your ensembles. You can use it as a guide to avoid looking “inappropriate,” and if you’re having trouble putting your outfits together, you can always go with neutrals as they’re safe colours that still look sophisticated and elegant!

Put a twist to your look

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Forget about a typical pantsuit and rock a denim one instead! It will instantly make you look chic and professional, but with a youthful and modern twist.

Add a personal touch

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To give your “work-fits” more oomph, try adding personal touches to your look such as bright heels or bold accessories or rocking different prints together. There are numerous ways on how you can make your outfit look unique, so just trust your instincts, go for it, and confidently flaunt it!


Got any more tips on how to keep your work outfits on top of their game? Share them with us below, and don’t forget to snap and share them with the Community too!