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How To Master Couple Wear Without Being Too Tacky

Match made in style heaven

The joy of being in love is in the idea of having someone to share our lives with. But sometimes, we take having a better half literally and manifest it in the form of matching OOTDs. Don't get us wrong, though, we're not here to judge! We actually applaud the boyfies and hubbies who confidently match clothes with their girls coolly. 

Now, there's no need to wear exact matching pieces all the time. Keep on reading to see our top tips on wearing coordinated outfits with your beau without going too overboard.


Think about your colours

Wearing coordinated outfits does not necessarily mean going for the same colours. One way to get the matchy-matchy feel minus the colour coordination is by playing with contrasting or complementing shades instead.

When in doubt, go basic

Just like you and your S.O., black and white simply work wonders together. So if you're on the lookout for a sleek and chic casual couple wear, never forget 'monochrome magic'. 


Variation is key

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Found a pattern, texture, or style of clothing you want to sport with your man? Don't settle for a full-on match; try to stay true to your style and sport the piece in different ways instead.

Just own it

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As time passes by, our minds have a way of being in sync with our significant other's unintentionally — and we don't just mean in style. Whether it be gestures, habits, or expressions, investing your time in a relationship with someone makes it inevitable to pick up certain mannerisms to the point that you mirror each other's movements without even noticing. So if you do end up sporting an unplanned matching outfit, we're sure that just like anything else in your relationship, you can rock it together!


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