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It's that time of the year again, folks. Halloween is just around the corner. And while it's not a widely celebrated holiday on our side of the world, we can't help but be excited by it because it's just bursting with fun and creativity. Of course, we love the dressing up part but we're also so in awe of the looks people can create through makeup. That's exactly why the looks Shania Evelyn shared in the Community immediately tickled our fancy. So we just had to ask her about her inspirations and how she comes up with amazing looks. Read on.

What made you get into makeup? Did you have formal training?

I started doing makeup as any teen would because I just wanted to look better or ‘grow up’, and slowly it became a hobby and developed into an art form that I was interested in. At first, I learnt everything through watching my mum or family members when they were putting on their makeup, then I started watching YouTube tutorials to learn more. In March 2018, I enrolled in Cosmoprof Academy and got my Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry.

What made you get into Halloween looks?

Halloween is probably one of my favourite holidays besides Christmas. And I always see Instagram posts or YouTube tutorials on Halloween looks, so last year I decided to give it a go. I fell in love with special effects ever since then.

What's your favourite horror film?

This is a tough question considering I watch a ton of horror films... I think it probably has to be Halloween (1978) or The Shining. A more refine horror film that I really liked was A Quiet Place.


Where do you get inspiration for the looks you make?

Mainly from other creators on Instagram like @karolinagriciute. Recently, after seeing a picture of a makeup look that had 3D spiders and spider legs, I decided to try it out too. Then I figured out what my theme for my Halloween looks would be this year which is phobias, hence the arachnophobia look that I did and my trypophobia look as well.

What's your process when it comes to creating makeup looks?

I usually do some research first and see what products I need to use for the look. Then I’ll practice it and make sure I know the technique so I don’t have to redo it if I mess up. I think it’s all about planning the look beforehand so you know exactly what the look will be like.

What can you say are the essentials for creating a Halloween makeup look?

Probably lots of patience, some looks can take about three to four hours if you’re doing special effects, so you gotta be patient enough to wait and make sure all the details are perfect. And also the freedom to be creative and express yourself through makeup.

If someone doesn't have access to special effects makeup and only have the basics (or if they're not too skilled at makeup), what kind of Halloween look can they make?

There are tons of simple Halloween makeup designs out there. For example, a Halloween skull look can be done with black and white face paint, and some grey or black eyeshadow. A pop art Halloween look can be done with liquid lipsticks and eyeshadow. And a clown Halloween look can be done with face paint and eyeshadow as well. Face paints are easily accessible at a Halloween store or Artfriend.

What are your makeup kit must-haves?

I can’t live without false lashes; I feel like a different person before and after putting them on, haha. I also really love pink- and berry-toned eyeshadows; those colours really suit everyone and just add colour to your face. I would list everything that’s a must have but that’ll be naming all the things in my makeup kit.

Who or what are you going for this Halloween?

For now, I don’t have any plans to dress up but if I were going somewhere I’d wanna dress up as a she-devil in all red. I’d probably pair that with a red lip and a smokey eye to give off that ‘evil’ effect.

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As much as we want gorgeous 'dos every day, not everyone has the luxury of time to extensively work on their hair. Thankfully, since the invention of the handheld hair dryer in the 1920s, we have been graced with the convenient practice of blow drying. The method provides such a quick and easy way of taking care of our damp, dishevelled locks, and making them nice and presentable throughout the day. Indeed, it has been a helpful beauty practice for busy ladies and men alike up to the present.

Still, we have to remember that too much heat can cause our hair great damage, so practising proper blow drying is of the essence. It's also worth noting that there's more to it than just keeping our hair dry. We break down its other benefits below.

It sets hair for styling

Before reaching for your curling iron, make sure your hair is already 90 per cent dry. Doing so makes hair less prone to damage and breakage as you style it with another heat-infused product. Just like how a primer protects and prolongs your makeup, that's basically what blow drying is to your hair.

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It helps hair products hold better

Compared to towel or air-dried hair, hair products cling to blow-dried hair better. This is because your hair becomes more flexible to work with as you style. So before applying any gel or wax on your hair, make sure it’s thoroughly dry with the help of your handy hair dryer.

It prevents bacteria build-up

Did you know that wet hair is not only susceptible to breakage but also fungus? This is because your hair is at its weakest while wet and bacteria thrive in moisture. Yikes! So to avoid being a home base for icky bacteria, blow-dry your hair properly from the roots to ensure that it dries your hair strands evenly.

It helps your hair get sleek and shiny

There's still an ongoing debate if using styling tools to your wet hair is okay given that there are 'wet & dry tools' available in the market nowadays, but we say that too much pressure to your hair just as it has been cleansed can cause damage and breakage. So how do you achieve a good hairstyle without the long wait? With your trusty blow dryer, of course! Dry hair until it becomes less damp and manageable for you to use a paddle brush through it. After doing so, brush through with the dryer close to it in a linear direction, from near your roots to the ends. Voila! Sleek and shiny hair that you’ve always wanted.

It gives your mane height and volume

With the right technique of blow drying your hair, you can actually give it more height — and we’re not just talking about volume. Instead of starting from your ends, which is a common mistake we all often commit, go from your roots upwards so your hair follows a lifting direction. You can also add about half an inch to your hair by drying on one side first, then flipping it over to your regular hair part to give it more body. No need to worry about drabby looking hair ever again.

(Cover photo from: Everestsays)

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We're always in awe of the photos we see in the Community, whether they be flatlays or OOTDs. And we're just as inspired to see makeup looks on the feed. The creativity and skills make us want to pick up our kit and start painting our faces, too. Lately, our eyes have been on glam looks. Scroll down to find out why.

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