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How To Pack Your Travel Beauty Essentials

No more broken compacts and palettes

Packing for a trip requires a lot of effort, especially if you need to take your beauty essentials. Unlike clothes, beauty products are more difficult to squeeze into our luggage because we have to consider the fragility of most of them. If, like us, you're tired of dealing with broken makeup compacts and palettes as soon as you inspect your luggage post-flight, keep on reading as we share tips on how to pack them effectively to avoid any more travel beauty mishaps.

Secure your beauty bag inside and out

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We usually make sure that our beauty bag is placed nicely in our luggage, cushioned with clothes and other soft materials to keep it from moving in between airport to in-flight transfers. However, we often forget that we need to cushion the inside of it, too, to avoid the products from hitting each other if there is intense impact. Our suggestion is to put cotton balls in a small clean plastic bag and stuff it in between the spaces of the products for extra protection. Plus, you can use the cotton for makeup removal or other uses during the trip, so nothing goes to waste.

Use tape

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Another dilemma when it comes to packing your beauty products for a trip is the fear of having the caps and lids bust open and spill all over your belongings. As much as it is airport protocol to keep them in a Ziploc, securing the lids and caps with scotch tape can also help save you from messing up your beauty stash. 

Opt for tube bottles or durable plastic containers

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One thing we're currently loving with beauty brands nowadays is that they offer foundations in tube bottles and the material they use for containers are already quite durable, whether it be luxe or from the drugstore. So we suggest to opt for those instead, or transfer your HG liquid products to travel-friendly containers that are available in most beauty supplies stores.

Use the 'cotton technique' on your compacts, too

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Similar to our first point, re-purpose cotton balls to serve as shock absorbers for your powder compacts by placing it where you usually put your puffs. After that, save space by packing your compacts inside thick socks and securing them in layers of clothing.

Add 'rubbing alcohol' to your travel essentials

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Besides the sanitary uses of rubbing alcohol, it can also be used to restore broken powdered products into their previous glory. If worse comes to worst and your beauty stash safety measures still fail you, a few drops of rubbing alcohol and some patience in pressing the product back into shape can help savage your makeup.

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