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How To Power Through A Bad Skin Day

...using these products!

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It could be due to hormones, environmental changes, or just plain stress, but the feeling of waking up with quite a number of new pesky spots is disheartening. During these days, called “bad skin days,” we know the feeling of not wanting to go out into the world.

But the world, whether we have good skin days or bad skin days, still goes on and we have to move with it. Which is why we’re kicking bad skin days to the curb with products that will fight them off for good! So, do you want to learn how to power through a bad skin day? Then keep reading below for the list of products you will need!


A gentle cleanser

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We know it’s tempting to get your most powerful cleanser and try to remove the blemishes away. But dont, because you might do more harm than good. When it comes to spots and pimples, gentle cleansers are the best option! So take your most gentle cleanser and softly massage your face, wash it off and pat your skin dry! And remember, never ever rub!

Ice cubes

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It’s unconventional, but hear us out on. Applying ice cubes over a pimple actually reduces the swelling and redness! Just make sure that the ice isn’t fresh from the freezer and has melted a little bit, so you don’t break any veins on your skin. Gently rub it all over your face or your spots, pat it dry, and in a few minutes, your skin’s redness and sensitivity will disappear!


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To get through a bad skin day, you should never ever strip your skin with harsh products. Hydrating it is one of the most important things to do -- the new pimples might have popped up due to your skin being dehydrated, forcing it to produce more oil. So once you’re done icing your skin, lather on your favorite moisturiser and let your skin drink it all up!


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Another important thing when getting through a bad skin day, or any day for that matter, is to always apply sunscreen before going out. Since your skin might be extra sensitive, don’t aggravate it even more by allowing the sun to zap it with its harmful UV rays. Use a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 before leaving your house, and if you’re going to be under the sun a lot, keep reapplying it every 2 hours.

Foundation with salicylic acid

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When you’re breaking out, it’s best to leave the skin alone by not applying makeup over it. But if you really want to, use foundations that have salicylic acid in them so that they treat your skin as well! And even better would be to use a hydrating foundation so that it doesn’t dry out your skin even more!

Bold lipstick

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If you want to divert attention away from your breakouts, wearing a bold lipstick will not only help, but can amp up your confidence too! Whether you want to rock a berry shade, a classic red, or a vibrant fuchsia, is up to you. Bold lipstick will not only brighten up your look, it will also add a chic touch to any OOTD you want to rock!


How do you power through bad skin days? Share with us your tips in the comment section below!