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Fitness garments are becoming wardrobe staples not just because of the athleisure trend but also because we're getting more and more encouraged to get fit. And this is the very reason why each season, these gym clothes are noticeably getting refined, both design- and material-wise, to survive even the sweatiest of activities.

But since it's not exactly the cheapest investment (workout clothes do cost some moolah) and considering how often we get to use them, we decided to share our top tips on how to care for your fitness garments to make sure you maximise them the best way possible. 

Wash them ASAP after an intense workout session

With sweat clinging on to most of their sections, fitness garments can easily accumulate bacteria that can cause irritation, and not to mention a lingering smell, if not washed as soon as possible. Hanging it to dry before stocking it with some dirty laundry after can also affect the material of the fabric. So make sure you give it a separate wash from your usual laundry, turn everything inside out before starting, use cold water, and set your washer to the delicate cycle to keep it in top shape. 

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Air-dry or use very minimal heat when using dryers

Too much heat can cause the fabric to shrink and the garters to go brittle. So the best way to let your workout clothes dry after washing is to just hang it somewhere breezy or use the lowest possible setting for heat when using a dryer. 

Make sure you store it where there's good ventilation

Storage is very important when it comes to your workout clothes. As much as possible, avoid keeping it in drawers or cabinets that have a tendency to go moist when the temperature changes (like wardrobes made of wood) or somewhere with no ventilation that can cause accumulated heat, causing the fabric to stretch. Also, make sure you fold the garments carefully for the garters and pads to not lose shape. 

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Avoid stacking them in plastic bags when they're fresh out of a gym session

Usually, to keep our bags free from the sweat marks or smell, we keep our dirty gym clothes in a plastic bag before squeezing them into our rucksacks. But it only makes the sweat press into the material even more. The best way to keep your belonging separated from your workout clothes but still giving the fabric a way to breathe is by using a mesh bag instead. 

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Now that you know how to store your fitness garments properly, maybe add more to your current stash? Get inspired by these athleisure brands.



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There's a reason why the iconic white t-shirt is a staple in every girl's closet. It's relatively inexpensive, easy to find in stores, and can be dressed down or up depending on your mood. If you're still on the lookout for that perfect white shirt, here's a guide on what kind of tee suits your body type.

Apple Body Shape

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You have an apple-shaped figure if you have broad shoulders, full bust and tend to gain weight on the waistline. The goal is draw attention away from your waistline since it's already full. Opt for a more loose cut like flowy and a-line shirts. A crew neckline matched with some subtle frills on the sleeves are nice details that emphasise the upper part of your torso instead of your waistline.

Banana Body Shape

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Banana-shaped babes are characterised by having narrow shoulders, small bust and a waistline that has little to no definition. Since your shoulders, bust and waist are more or less the same in measurement, you should look for a shirt that gives volume. Like those who have apple-shaped figures, you'll also benefit from loose shirts that give the illusion of volume rather than tight-fitting ones. A v-neck will look good on you as it will give those beautiful collarbones some love. 

Pear Body Shape

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Gals who have pear body shape tend to carry weight on their hips and bottoms. To create balance, look for a white shirt that will highlight your upper body. Tees with arm candy details are a very cute way to do this. In terms of neckline, any will do.

Hourglass Body Shape

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The hourglass shape is said to be the most coveted figure because of its overall balance and symmetry. Flaunt your curves by wearing a tight-fitting tee with a modest neckline to maintain balance. If you're not into figure-hugging tees then you can choose a looser silhouette; just be wary of anything that'll give your upper body too much volume as this will make your figure look disproportionate.

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