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First off, there are so many definitions of a ‘cool-girl’. But we believe that the one that captures the concept (or style) the most is the ability to look stylish, without looking like you tried too hard!

Messy hair, male-inspired shoes, and dewy skin are just some of the components of a cool-girl style. So, how do you work a look like you barely tried and could care less about it?

Just keep reading below for the 7 tips and tricks you can do to pull off that effortless cool-girl style!


Work that glow

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It’s all about fresh, dewy skin when it comes to being a cool-girl -- like you're wearing nothing at all! BB cushions, tinted moisturisers, and lightweight foundations are just some of the bases that will give you healthy-looking skin. And if you want to amp up the glow in your look, go for subtle highlighters that don’t pack a ton of shimmer for a smooth and seamless face!

Master the art of bed head hair

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Every cool-girl seriously has that “I woke up like this” vibe, and bed head hair is their secret. So how can you do it for your hair? Simply take some good dry shampoo or texturising spray, apply it all over your tresses, fluff it up to make sure every cuticle is coated, and that’s it! Now you have a “messy,” voluminous hairstyle to complement your cool-girl outfits! 

Rock an understated MOTD

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Cool-girl beauty is all about looking natural, hence, the dewy base! But, for times when you want to glam it up, cool girls always either go for sultry eyes or a bold lip. So whether you want sexy smokey eyes or a bold red pout, just keep the rest of your face “natural” and you’ll be ready to go!

Invest in a good jacket

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Leather jackets are an amazing investment. But living in a tropical country, it’s just not needed! Instead, go for sleek jackets (in neutral colours, of course) that are made of lightweight materials to add a sleek and edgy vibe to all of your looks.

Minimal accessories are your go-to

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Tiny pieces of jewellery are a cool-girl staple. They add just the right amount of ‘oomph’ to any outfit, without overpowering them!

Say goodbye to heels

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That’s right, cool girls are all about flats and male-inspired footwear, such as oxfords, as they go great with any day-to-night ensemble! But if you really want some added height, you can always go for flats and oxfords that have a bit of a heel!

Confidence is key

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And the most important thing about pulling off the cool-girl look, feeling confident! Be proud of who you are, love what you’re wearing, and always walk like the whole world is watching!


What's your definition of the cool-girl look? Share it with us in the comments below!



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A lot of products promise to keep our skin radiant and glowing. And with the changes in the weather, plus stress and pollution damaging our skin, of course we take every chance we’ve got to repair our skin. One beauty product that gives the results we need are face mists. Mists can help in making you look tired and worn out to fresh and dewy in a matter of seconds. 

If you want a quick and easy way to keep your skin fresh and hydrated the entire day, we listed some reasons why you should add add face mists to your daily beauty must-haves. 


It helps set your makeup


Applying face mist to your face after doing your makeup helps lessen the powdery finish, making it look more natural. The moisture it provides also helps liven the colour of your face, giving you a refreshing boost. 
It relaxes you 

Some face mists have aromatherapy extracts that can help soothe exhaustion and stress. It also helps cool the skin from the heat that we experience, especially when outdoors.

It brightens and hydrates your skin 

In a really busy day, we sometimes forget to drink water, which is not only bad for our body but for our skin too. Using a face mist can help maintain the natural moisture that our skin needs.

It provides an easy retouch 

If you have no time to redo your makeup after tons and tons of work done, a few sprays are all you need to revive that natural flush on your cheeks. Face mists are lifesavers that can temporarily help in bringing back the natural colour of your skin that might have been affected due to the activities you do during the day.

It helps lessen skin irritation 

Face mists can help lighten and eliminate the redness that may be caused by sunburn or other causes. It also has antioxidants that help in rejuvenating the skin. 


What's your favourite face mist brand? Let us know in the comments below!


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Sometimes, all we really need is a smile. It can transform our look, make someone else feel happy, and brighten our faces. But with a gorgeous smile often comes the pressure of having perfect, white teeth! And did you know that some of the regular, every day food we eat can actually turn them yellow?

So if you want to keep your smile bright and white, read below for the list of top foods and beverages that can stain your teeth!



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With the exception of strawberries, richly pigmented fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries can seriously pack a punch when it comes to staining your teeth. Their juices contain acidic components that can harm tooth enamel, leading them to turn yellow. But if you love these anti-oxidant superfoods, just be sure to brush your teeth after with Closeup Diamond Attraction to remove any trace of berry stains, and visibly whiten your teeth from the first brush and as you continue using it!


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Surprisingly, tea stains more than coffee! Who knew, right? And it’s all because of an acid called tannins that is more prevalent in tea than in a hot cup of coffee. If you don’t want to give up this comforting drink, though, opt for herbal or white teas as green and black tea are a lot more staining.


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Besides increasing the chances of cavities, constantly eating candy will permanently stain your teeth because of all the fun, artificial colours they come in! While most of the artificial colours may come off when your brush your teeth, if you eat them all the time, they're going to slowly turn your teeth yellow as the colours build-up.


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Another teeth-staining culprit is soda. Yes. Your beloved Coca Cola is high in sugar and acid, which can destroy and ruin healthy teeth! But it's not just Coke, though. Other sodas and their diet versions can cause discolouration in your teeth too. So the next time you approach that vending machine for a bottle of pop, think twice!

Red Wine

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A glass of wine every day may be healthy, but drinking too much of this can stain your smile because just like tea and coffee, this beverage contains tannins! So if you want to continue drinking this without the side effects of a harder-to-remove stain, you can use Closeup Diamond Attraction to help remove discolouration and give you a whiter smile from the first brush!


Know of other foods and beverages that stain teeth? Share it with us in the comments below!