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How To Push Through With Your 2017 New Year's Resolutions

Say goodbye to repetitive resolutions from previous years with these tips!

One thing that’s been a tradition when it comes to starting a new year is listing down resolutions. But along with the promises we make to ourselves might be laughs (and partial disappointments) when another year passes and we realise that we haven’t really ticked off anything on our list.

So to make sure you really get those #2017Goals right and to finally put an end to the countless loops of repetitive resolutions, we’ve got just the tips to help you move forward. 


Keep your list short and work through it the entire year

Seeing a list so long at the beginning of the year can be overwhelming. This is one of the main reasons why most of us tend to feel lazy to even begin ticking things off our items one by one. So keep in mind that it’s okay to start with a short list of resolutions, and work your way to adding more goals throughout the year. You have 12 months to fill so it’s okay to take your time.

Be practical and realistic

Pressuring yourself to lose 10 pounds by the time January ends might just lead to crash-exercising, which will wear you out a in just a couple of days. Make sure you lay down every point in your resolution list in a very reasonable timeline, and stick to goals that are attainable and can be fit to your normal routine.
Set markers

Having a planner or a calendar to plot your goals in can help in keeping track of your progress. In line with our first tip, set benchmarks in the timeline you created. This way, you can see if you’ve been laying low on some of your goals or if you should prioritise one over another.

Reward yourself

Goals are personal achievements, and you must treat them as such. Having something to look forward to once you strike something off your list is a great way to motivate yourself, and assigning a reward to a certain goal can definitely boost your chances of accomplishing your list in the best way possible.


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