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How To Revive Your Skin After Travelling

Because your skin can get jet-lagged, too!

Travelling is refreshing for both mind and body. It takes us away from our repetitive routines and gives us a chance to course through our own adventures at our own pace — or at least within the timeframe of our trip. Once it's time to go back to our 'normal' lives again, we'll most likely pine for the sweet traveller's life. The same goes for our skin.

If you happen to go to another country with an 18-degree Celsius temperature in contrast to your country's 42, then your skin will most likely react from the change, with breakouts, flaking, or rashes being the most common effects.

So if you don't want your post-travel skin to be a total nightmare, keep on reading as we share top tips on how to bring your skin back to life after a trip. 

Catch some sleep

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Travelling might seem fun and relaxing on the surface, but if you maximised your trip to the fullest extent, then chances are you've been waking up early and sleeping late to accomplish your itinerary. The fatigue can be unnoticeable when you're having fun, making it hard for you to spot how taxing the activities are on your skin. 

Take time to recover from your trip by prioritising some sleep to help your skin rejuvenate and adjust to your usual routine.

Maintain hydration and moisture with this simple technique

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Living in the tropics, with the scorching heat steaming at every direction, usually leaves us taking a shower twice or thrice a day. But instead of using soap on your entire body every single time you take a bath, you might want to opt out of soap — at least every other day — to avoid drying out your skin even more. It's cool to lather it up on areas of your body that has the tendency to be the most sweaty, but for your face, arms, legs, or any other area that can get dry easily, a mild body wash or plain warm water is your best bet to make sure you maintain the moisture and hydration in your skin whilst being squeaky clean. 

Make the serum the star of your skincare routine

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Trim down your skincare routine to cleansing, toning, and applying an eye cream and a serum for at least two weeks after getting back from your trip. Switching up your skincare routine will help make sure that your skin will notice the changes and ease the transition back to present from when you were travelling. Retaining the use of toner will help fix the pH balance of your skin, while the serum will still work its magic even minus the other steps in your current extensive routine with its active ingredients.

Get your dose of Vitamins C and E

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This is a common advice even if you didn't just get off from travelling, but it needs to be stressed more in this situation. Catching up with your citrus and antioxidant intake not only replenishes your energy and takes away the toxins you've caught while you're away but also helps in bringing back your skin's radiance and glow.

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Make sure you get back to your healthy routine after a vacation, too. Here's how to do it.