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How To Save Up For Your First Big Fashion Investment

Achieve that dream wardrobe, stat!

Everyone has their own idea of the 'perfect wardrobe', and this proves true whether you're into trendy and preppy looks or bold and alternative styles. After all, one of the easiest yet most creative ways we can express our individuality is through the way we dress. 

But as we enter new stages in our lives, like leaving university life or making a career move, refreshing our wardrobe becomes less a luxury and more a necessity. 

So if you've reached that point when you want (and need) to curate your wardrobe your way, we've got just the tips on how you can work your way through that first big fashion investment. 


Create a list of staples

Always start with taking note of what you are shopping for. Is it for job hunting? Should it be flexible for any career? Or is it a way of treating yourself and revamping your personal style? No matter what you're aiming for, make sure you know exactly what you both need and want and try to think of pieces in general  not brands. This way, you can picture what you want your wardrobe to look like and what ensembles you can create. 

Divide your list into sections

Once you have everything listed down, you can start weighing which pieces you need the most and what can be set aside  at least for a while. This step will significantly help you once you start planning out your budget.  


Start scouting

Just like in any other investment, research is very important. Start looking up and comparing prices of pieces that are similar to what you are targeting to buy so you can see which one works for your goal. 

Oh, and don't forget to take note of future promos and sales while you're at it! 

Work on your budget

One common mistake that people make is putting this up as their first step. However, this works only with regular shopping habits. When it comes to building your wardrobe and truly investing in pieces that are more of a need than a want, splurging a little is necessary, and initial budgeting can prove to be restrictive. 

So to make your fashion investment work to your advantage, make sure you have your eyes on staple pieces first and have a price comparison of brands in mind before you set a budget that is achievable based on your spending habits. 


Treat it as a reward

When we say fashion investment, we all get the idea that it means saving and spending a huge amount of money. But having to buy something piece-by-piece can lead to unnecessary purchases and having pieces in your wardrobe that are less versatile. Always keep in mind that having a well-put-together wardrobe and having all the staple pieces readily available to you is saving you money in the long run more than you think. 

As an added motivation to make sure you keep on working through this fashion goal, one major tip is to set your big shopping day on a special occasion, like your birthday or your work anniversary, and treat it as a big incentive for yourself.


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