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How To Solve Coffee And Tea Stains

...on your teeth

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If you lead a busy life, you know the feeling of the need to drink or eat something that will give you a bolt of energy. And that’s exactly what caffeine does! Available in coffee and tea, it’s safe to assume that we can’t live without these, right?

These two drinks are what gives us energy to face the day, to give our minds a jolt to properly work again, and more. But the downside is that it can stain our teeth, terribly. Luckily, we have come up with solutions that will remove coffee and tea stains on our teeth, so keep scrolling down to check them out!


Rinse your mouth with water

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Every time you drink coffee or tea, immediately follow it up with a glass of water. Why? Since coffee and certain teas are high in colour and pigmentation, it can already start to stain teeth. So to remove them while they’re still temporary, just give your mouth a rinse with water. Easy, right? You’ll get hydrated and remove teeth stains; hitting two birds with one stone!

Brush and floss daily

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Another reason you should maintain good oral hygiene! If you want a bright and confident smile all the time, regularly brush and floss. A good toothpaste to use would be one that progressively whitens your teeth as it removes yellow stains like Closeup Diamond Attraction! And properly but gently flossing your teeth every day will remove bacteria that can cause teeth discolouration and plaque!

Chew gum

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Bet this came as a surprise to you, but chewing gum right after drinking coffee and tea actually helps remove yellow stains because of your saliva. Just like how rinsing your mouth with water can remove temporary stains caused by pigmented drinks, saliva does the same. So if you don’t have a glass of water near you, just take a piece of gum and chew it for a few minutes. You’ll get whiter teeth and fresh breath in under 5 minutes!

Munch on strawberries

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While dark-coloured berries such as blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries will stain your teeth, the exception lies within strawberries! This delicious fruit contains malic acid, which can actually remove teeth discolouration! But, make sure to rinse with warm water right after to reduce the acidity in your mouth so that you teeth won't get damaged! 

Eat apples

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Another superfood to eat to keep teeth stains away are apples! Apples actually trigger more saliva production which help wash away debris and discolouration in teeth. So when it comes to teeth staining and other teeth problems, the more saliva you have, the better! 


What method do you use to white coffee and tea stains on your teeth? Share it with us below!