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Here's How Fashion Girls Style The Chain Print

Things are about to get knotty

2019 is shaping up to be the year of redemption for former fashion faux pas. From animal prints to fanny packs, we've been spotting several trends that were once deemed tacky and tasteless become style must-haves sported by the fashionista bunch. What happened? Maximalism.

Ever since this aesthetic gained prominence, outlandish designs that used to be 'too much' are now the coveted look. The latest to join the gang of 'ugly-cool' trends is the knot or chain print, which faded out of popularity during the '90s and has since been shelved until now. It was recently spotted on various runways and it made us reconsider this pattern. If you're still not convinced that it's gonna be a big thing, then you should know that Duchess Meghan recently wore a piece featuring this trend. Ready to give it a try? Keep reading for tips on how to slay this look.

Wear with neutral-coloured pieces

It's without a doubt that the chain pattern makes for a very busy print, so it's best to pair it with something neutral to balance out everything. Usually, tops that come in this design have a loose silhouette. In this case, we suggest you go for high-waisted pants to make the ensemble streamlined.

Try white on white

If you're a minimalist but want to try wearing the chain print, putting together a monochrome-like ensemble is the best compromise. You can pair a white blouse featuring the chain print with off-white pants for an elegant white on white look.

Look for an oversized top and cinch it with a belt

Want to emulate Duchess Meghan's take on the chain print but can't find a similar dress? It's true that dresses in chain prints are still a bit rare. Look instead for a top (preferably those from the men's section) and buy a bigger size that can serve as a dress for your frame. Then, you can cinch it with a chain belt to give it a shape. 

Go for the romper

Look like a dauntless fashionista with a romper in chain print. It's a very bold, fashion-forward ensemble that will instantly make you stand out from the crowd. To make it more interesting, you can layer it with a simple coat and wear classic jewellery like hoop earrings for a look that's undeniably style-savvy.

Mix in colour-blocking

The chain print doesn't always have to be the focal point of your look. It can also work as an added intriguing detail. For example, you can add the piece in a colour-blocking ensemble by wearing it underneath bright-coloured outerwear. This creates a unique outfit that's fresh and fun!

(Cover photo from: @yerkafernandez/@saraviktorieI)

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