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Glove Love: How To Pull Off This Handy Accessory

For the sophisticated lady

Gloves may seem like an unusual choice of accessory for women like us who live in the tropics but you'd be surprised at how functional they are and how they can instantly make a dressy ensemble seem even more elegant.

The dainty accessory used to be big back in the '60s when wearing them was considered a fashion staple, especially for more formal events. Fast forward to today, gloves may seem more like an after-thought to an ensemble or just another must-have during the cold season, which is why wearing them as an accessory is statement-making. But how can you pull off this tricky fashion piece without looking overdone? Here are five stylish ideas to try.

Pair them with a poncho

Do you work in a chilly office? No problem. A poncho and a glove can be your best and most stylish friends for this. Make sure to choose a poncho with a more neutral colour such as grey or black and then choose a glove of the same shade (leather will work here). This combo will go well with an office attire and make your corporate suit instantly feel like a power wardrobe.

Choose an overall shade for your ensemble

Pick a neutral pair of gloves and pair it with colours of the same family. Think of it as an extension of your monochromatic look.

Black gloves for elegance

Glove Styling
(Photo from: pupuren)

Are you on your way to a formal affair? Add a bit of drama to your outfit by wearing elbow-length silk gloves. Choose black, which can create a long and elegant silhouette to your whole look.

Try net gloves

More of a beauty statement than a functional piece, wearing net gloves add a bit of a punk-rock vibe even to a more casual ensemble. Make sure to choose short gloves this time and that they fit perfectly with your hands. Add more bling to your look and choose a nice watch or bracelet to go with it.

Lace it up

Do you want to add something dainty to your feminine ensemble? Lace gloves can do the trick, but make sure the rest of your accessories go well with your gloves. Choose to carry a pouch rather than a purse to add a polished elegance to your whole attire.

Find a glove with an interesting cut

Although gloves are meant to cover your whole hand, there are many fashion-forward choices with other interesting cuts that a modern woman can choose from such as those that offer a rugged appeal.

(Cover photo from: @pupuren)

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