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Fun, New Ways To Style The Modern Kimono

Chic and casual

The unique silhouette of the traditional kimono and yukata has been the inspiration behind so many remarkable designs. Arguably, the most popular of all is the elegant wrap dress introduced by Diane Von Furstenberg more than four decades ago. But there's another piece that's taking the spotlight right now and that's the 'modern kimono'. Unlike the traditional one, this version is usually worn like a cardigan with the front loose and unfastened. It delivers a more relaxed look that's reminiscent of the boho chic fashion. Interested in sporting one? Keep reading for tips on how to style the modern kimono. 

Pair it with a simple ensemble

Similar to summer yukatas, the modern kimono comes in various colourful prints. Let the design stand out by wearing a neutral outfit underneath. You can go for a black dress or a classic white tee and beige pants look. Then, you can wear accessories that match the colour of the kimono to tie things together.

Use it as an oversized cardigan

As mentioned, the modern kimono is often used as a light cardigan. However, if you have a flair for drama and bold looks then you'll surely be able to beautifully sport a bright, oversized modern kimono. This piece will amp up any plain or monochromatic outfit in an instant.

Go matchy-matchy

Aside from neutral-coloured outfits, you can also try wearing colours that match the print of your modern kimono. You can also pick other shades that are of the same colour family. For example, a floral one with lavender prints will go well with a pink or violet skirt.

Wear it with shorts for a casual look

Living in the tropics means we've got a wardrobe full of shorts, tank tops and third-pieces. Elevate your cover-up collection by adding a modern kimono with a versatile print. Choose those with dominant colours of white and black so you can easily pair it with any ensemble. 

Take it to the beach

Modern kimonos are nothing if not versatile. It's a rare piece of clothing that you can literally take from a cocktail party to the beachside. Plus, you can also use it as a temporary beach mat!

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