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How To Summer Proof Your Beauty Look

Keep your look fresh with these tips

Summer is upon us! Whether you’re out enjoying fun activities (think frolicking by the beach and swimming to your heart’s content) or out and about in-between appointments on a workday, it’s always a good time to enjoy the warm weather. 

However, with how hot the weather can be, thinking of keeping our look fresh and presentable may seem daunting. But with just a few edits to your beauty routine, you can definitely summer-proof your look. Here are just a few pointers you can take note of.

Scrub lightly

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We’re all for exfoliating the skin to slough off dead skin cells and prepare it to get the benefits of the skincare products you’ll be applying next. But since the sun is warmer than usual during this period, exfoliating the skin can also make the skin more sensitive to harmful UV rays. We say: continue to get renewed skin, but maybe limit your exfoliating session to once a week.

Get the summer glow with skincare

You don’t have to forgo makeup if you don’t want to! Don’t let the heat of summer stop you from wearing face colour. Just remember: first, you must prep your skin right. Achieve glowing skin with the help of the SK-II Genoptics Aura Essence. This milky essence, made with PITERA-infused GenOptics Aura Complex, targets visible and invisible spots for skin that’s spotless and radiant.

Spritz to even out caked-up makeup

When it comes to makeup in our humid weather, you should opt for long-lasting formulas and waterproof products. Then, seal the deal by spritzing on some SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Face Essence. This PITERA-enriched essence spray helps moisturise your skin even with makeup on, so it’s also perfect for touch-ups within the day.

Ditch the pencils

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Make sure you don’t get raccoon eyes by letting go of your pencil eyeliners for the meantime and switching to felt-tip liners. If you’re still keen on using pencils, make it last longer and smudge-free by topping it off with eye shadow.

Fight frizz

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Your skin is set, but you’re not quite ready yet; don’t forget about your crowning glory! Give your hair the TLC it needs by switching to a cooling shampoo that moisturises your hair from root to tips. Instead of a heavy conditioner, try a leave-in one or a mist.