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How To Effectively Take Care Of Your Eyelash Extensions

Flutter thy lashes

Eyelash extensions do a lot to brighten up your look. Not to mention, it has the complete convenience of not having to apply as much eye makeup and still end up looking bright-eyed and pretty. However, caring from them is quite a commitment. Nobody wants to walk around with an incomplete set of eyelash extensions, so the right type of care is a must. Here’s how you can prolong the life of your eyelash extensions, as shared by some members #TeamClozette

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Ask yourself, does it fit my lifestyle?

While getting eyelash extensions can be quite convenient for the girl who doesn’t want to wear a lot of eye makeup, this beauty service might not be for you if you have an active lifestyle and minimal time to allot to daily aftercare. As our co-founder and Business Director Cheryl shares, “I’ve had my eyelash extensions done once before and found them troublesome to maintain. They also only last three to four weeks.”

Cleanse your eyelashes

Now, if you don’t want to walk around with dirty-looking eyelashes, you need to cleanse them often. As Campaign Manager Stephanie shares, “I have this eyelash cleansing foam, which I get from the lash extension place, to wash my extensions. It thoroughly gets rid of the dirt the lashes accumulates.” If you don’t want to DIY at home, always make it a point to go to a lash specialist for a deep cleansing session. Cleansing your eyelashes is very important, as improper care can lead to eye irritation or even contracting lash mites. Eek!

Keep them dry

However, you should be very careful about getting your extensions wet when cleansing. Getting them wet can cause them to fall off easier, as the glue gets diluted when you do. For our Editor Becks, she prefers to use a mini cotton stick to clean her extensions. “I also don’t splash water into my face while cleansing,” she adds. Carefully cup some water in your hand and drizzle it onto your skin, wiping away the facial foam rather than letting the water run down your face.

Comb them out

You need to groom them to make them look as full and pretty as when they were first applied. “I have this fluffy brush to comb my lashes so they don’t stick together. I comb them regularly as part of their maintenance.” Our Features Writer Amanda also has this to say, “I make sure to brush them with a clean spoolie every night and every morning to keep the lashes in place.”

Hold off on the eye makeup

“I stopped using eye makeup of any kind so that any excess residue wouldn’t end up stuck on my lashes. I found that I didn’t need eyeshadow or eyeliner when I had eyelash extensions on,” Amanda adds. Meanwhile, Content Solutions Executive Aveneth shares: “Avoid using makeup powders because they stick to your extensions and create the illusion of dirty or messy eyelashes. Also, never wear mascara unless it’s made especially for eyelash extensions.”

Don’t rub your eyes

As someone who frequently gets eyelash extensions, Becks advises, “Don’t ever rub your eyes! The trick is to use a fingernail to gently poke at the itchy spot. Not rubbing your eyes also means you don’t subject yourself to premature lines.” You should also avoid tugging on the lashes as much as possible. Never try to remove them on your own because you might also remove your natural lashes in the process. If you want to have your lash extensions removed, go to a professional.

Use lash serum

“Even when my extensions were falling off, I still kept my natural lashes strong and healthy by applying some lash serum,” says Amanda. For Becks, lash serum is very important when getting lash extensions. “The most important thing is to care for your natural lashes so you have enough to support your eyelash extensions. Use an eyelash serum to promote their growth and health.”

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