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How To Take LFW Beauty Trends To The Streets

Fresh off the catwalk

Fashions shows do not just inspire fashion trends but also beauty looks. Although most makeup styles on the runway will look over the top outside the catwalk, you can still translate them into an everyday look by focusing on a few elements. Read on to find out how to take these LFW beauty trends to the streets.

Blue Eyeshadow

Looks like blue eyeshadow is making a big comeback right now. This electric blue eyeshadow may come off as very avant-garde in real life when you put it all over your lid. So make it more wearable by using it as an accent instead. 

One way to do it is by using a blue gel eyeliner to line your upper lashline. If you're feeling extra edgy, go ahead and add a little flick for that subtle cat eye. Another way is to incorporate it into your smoky eye look along with deep coals and shimmers. 

Lip Confetti

Copying this straight off the catwalk will earn you countless strange looks on the street. The confetti lips trend is really all about looking glam while using shimmers and glitters. Pull this off by wearing nude, peach or pink lip gloss with glitters and you will look just as fab as LFW models.

Bright Blushes

Bright blushes are tricky, to say the least. You have to achieve just the right balance in order for them to not look tacky. To do this, start by putting on a good, full coverage foundation to even out the skin tone.

When you've got the perfect canvas, apply the two strokes of bright blush on the cheeks. Afterwards, add an additional stroke on the outer part of your cheeks for that sculpted look. Work with powder instead of cream blush as creams tend to be more pigmented and the shade intensity is harder to calibrate. 

Bright, Multi-Coloured Eyeshadows

No doubt that this is an innovative eye makeup look. However, if you try to recreate it as it is, there's a good chance you'll end up making your eyes look like a five-year old's watercolour palette. So just take some inspiration and play with different, bright colours. 

The first step is to prime the lids and apply a neutral base colour. Since you're dealing with various bright colours, they have to stay in place or else you'll look like a hot mess. Next is to pick two bright yet contrasting colours like yellow and purple. Use the first colour for your lid, and the second for your outer corner. Pick a third colour, and use it to define your outer v and crease. Finally, for the browbone, just stick to neutrals.

(Cover photo from: @martajakubowski, @lucyjbridge)

Make sure to thoroughly cleanse your face after with a makeup remover that suits your skin type.