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Heels are the default footwear when you need to go to an event or do a presentation. It helps give our gait that quick pick-me-up that is very much empowering. They are not exactly the most comfortable for hours of wear, though.

So when Gal Gadot graced the Wonder Woman premiere in a comfy but stylish pair of flats, it raised all praises and made us say, "Hey, flats can be fab and empowering, too!" And since we're still not over this amazing fashion 'movement' that will save us from aching feet in the future, we're giving you some other ways to wear flats as your power footwear.  

Pair it with a romper

(Photo from: RochelleAbella)

No need to overstrain your ankles when showing off your "legs for days." Nude flats are always a great complement for a bold and chic romper.

Colour coordinate

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Got an outfit that makes you feel empowered every time? Instead of your go-to heels, flats with a chunky sole that has your OOTD's colours and details provides the same #girlboss feels like your stilettos. 

Go for a more eye-catching option

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Polished-to-perfection shoes always win. If you want to go a little more extra with your soles without overpowering your outfit, opting for flats with a bit of shine or sparkle always add that flair of fun and energy in any ensemble.

Corporate casual

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Being uncomfortable never adds up to confidence. So if you're going to have a challenging and all-over-the-place kind of day, you should put your best foot forward (pun intended) and go for shoes that won't leave you aching in between your tasks. Nude or monochrome slips are classic options for the office, but if you want an extra pick-me-up, then don't be afraid to try bold colours like red or hot pink.

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If you're not particularly fond of patterns, then florals might not be your cup of tea. But if you look closely, there's a certain mix of elegance and playfulness this fashion element exudes. So if you're willing to give this look a chance, here are some of our favourite ways to wear florals, as inspired by the Community. 


(Photo from: laveenb)


(Photo from: ChristabellePQZ)



Fashion is about fun. And of course that includes keeping up with (or creating)  trends. Last week, we talked about the new bag in town, but now we're gonna focus on the latest ear candy that's taking centerstage, tassel earrings. In contrast to expensive earrings made with valuable metals and expensive gems, tassel earrings are affordable, and made from low-cost materials, which are mainly threads and a few beads. 

They're creative, fun and ultimately cheery. Give your look more colour and personality with these fun dangly earrings. Take a cue from these ladies on how to sport the different types of tassel earrings.

Basic Tassel Design

This is the simplest style of tassel earrings, just straight threads woven and sealed at the top. Undoubtedly a nice icing to a great outfit. Check out the lovely contrast between red tassels and the teal top. 

Hoop And Tassel Combo

This one's a more flamboyant take on the tassel trend. These show-stopping earrings are best paired with a more subdued top to balance things out. 

Tassel With Charms

Instead of the traditional hoop, this one has a charm to transition between the ear hook and the tassel itself. Depending on the charm used, your outfit can go from quirky to classy. 

Extra Long

If you're feeling extra glamorous, put on these extra long tassel earrings to match your mood. For a more elegant look, keep your long tassels on the thin side. 

(Cover photo from: jamiejchung)

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