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Going on a vacation is all about relaxation and leaving stress behind. While we’re all about living large when you’re travelling, we also support and push for keeping healthy and fit no matter where you are.

If working out is part of your daily routine, don’t let a difference in setting change it. Here are some ways you can keep up with your fitness routine even while travelling.

Gear up

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If you can, bring some of your workout gear with you. It’s not necessary that you bring your weights, of course, but maybe you can include your jump rope or resistance bands in your luggage. Remember to pack your favourite sneakers and your favourite working out clothes, of course.

Start with a stretch

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Long-haul flights can be draining. Your muscles will also be a bit tight after all that sitting. Recharge and start getting energised to start exploring a new place by stretching after you get off your flight. There are some easy stretches that won’t get attention from onlookers when you do them. Try a simple bend. Once you arrive at your place of accommodation, definitely do your favourite routine whenever you can.

Keep up with your cardio

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There’s nothing quite like taking in the sceneries of a foreign land. Aside from indulging in the sights, take the opportunity to go around as a way to keep your fitness in check. Walk as much as you can. There are places that can be best enjoyed while riding a bike. If you happen to go on vacation there, definitely pedal your way to take in culture and staying fit.

No gear, no problem

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If you happen to have forgotten, or if you just didn’t want to bring workout tools, you can still keep up with your fitness regimen. There are a lot of workouts that can be done without an equipment. Go for a run or follow a routine on YouTube.

Go to the gym

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Yes, you read that right. If there’s one where you’re staying for the duration of your vacation, make use of it. You can even ask around where the fun places to work out are. There might be a new workout being taught somewhere near your accommodation that you’d like to try. Consider the discovery a part of your trip.

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Haven't started your fitness journey yet? These IG accounts will definitely inspire you to finally give it a go.



Who knew that Bata is still bringing in the cool after a whopping 123 years? In April, I attended the first-of-its-kind Bata Fashion Weekend in Prague to witness the launch of the footwear and fashion accessory brand’s new brand manifesto, ‘Me & Comfortable With It’. And boy, was I comfortable strolling down the cobblestone streets of Prague in the Bata shoes that I unboxed just a few days prior to the trip.

The beautiful capital city of Czech Republic was a fitting location for the brand’s global launch. With architectural buildings flavoured with an unapologetic wealth of history, Prague lent the perfect setting for Bata’s equally rich heritage — and beyond. Read on as I bring you through the highlights of my Bata Fashion Weekend.

Celebrating ‘Me & Comfortable With It’

The first-ever Bata Fashion Weekend began in the heart of Prague, where the public and media alike gathered at the Czech National Theatre piazzetta. Under the distinctively deep, resonant voice of Czech singer Tonya Graves, real women — not models — of every shape, size, type and identity strutted down the runway.

From “She’s tall and comfortable with it” to “She’s eccentric and comfortable with it”, the new brand manifesto conveyed a powerful message of individuality and womanhood. Not to forget, there was the footwear fashion — fronted by Bata, no less — that came along with it, too. Whoever said, “being comfortable in your own skin,” probably never heard of “being comfortable in your own shoes".

Getting my shoppin’ on at the massive Bata flagship store

To experience the massive retail footprint of the renowned Czech brand, we were invited to the Bata flagship store in Wenceslas Square. The largest Bata department store in the world, this 3,122-square-meter store offers seven sprawling floors of the ultimate retail therapy experience.

Feasting on stylish comfort on the runway

Set in La Fabrika — a theatre with an edgy, industrial vibe — the message was clear on the Bata fashion runway: sexy was made comfortable, and comfort was made sexy. Unlike the conventional runway, this one boasted of everyday men and women clad in Czech designer brands and footwear that showed off a surprisingly distinct design philosophy.

Despite the brand’s longstanding heritage, Bata’s latest brand manifesto hinted at a contemporary approach with a ‘new cool’ factor. I say, brace yourselves; Bata will be quite unlike what you’ve seen, heard or known before.

Taking to the streets of Prague in Bata

What I wore: Bata Metallic Gold Loafers

What I wore: Bata Black Mules with the Classic Tassel

What I wore: Bata Floral-Embroidered Denim Slip-Ons

What I wore: (Left) Bata Tomy Takkies; (Right) Bata Italian Collection Sneakers

Of course, my Bata Fashion Weekend would not be complete without slipping on some Bata shoes. From the metallic gold loafers to the blush sneakers from the Italian Collection, comfort chic was the common pull factor that I simply could not ignore. What can I say? I’m #ComfortableWithIt.

Find out more about Bata here.



T-shirts are comfortable and practical. What adds to their appeal is being able to get them in funky prints that say a lot about your mood and personality.  While they can be on the casual side, you don't have to switch them up with a preppier fashion piece if you want to up your styling game. Keep on reading for fresher ways to style your graphic tee, while still looking effortlessly chic.

Play with your layers

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Graphic shirts can either be bold or subtle. But either way, they lack a sense of mystery. So whether you're going corporate or street style, adding in a blazer or a jacket to your current ensemble can change the look you're going for. It's the perfect way to frame your tee's design, showing a bit of the print to tease.

Tuck it in

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One of the reasons why shirts are comfy is because they tend to be baggy, and are made of stretchy, breathable material. So to give it some shape and dimension, tuck it in,  preferably under a high-waisted choice of bottoms to accentuate your waist and hips. 

Scarves make everything chicer

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Embrace your inner Parisian by adding a scarf to your casual OOTD. This adds a touch of sophistication to the fun and edgy vibe of your graphic tee.

Twist it up and show some skin

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Who said shirts can't be sexy? Bare that midriff and add some structure to your casual ensemble by doing the classic twist-and-tuck technique. Besides, we can all use a little bit of breeze this summer, don't we? 

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Plus, up the game of your other fashion pieces by jumping into the pin-loving trend.