How We Choose Our Ambassadors | Clozette

One of the core foundations of Clozette is our Community. Our love for beauty, fashion and lifestyle started with the thought of connecting like-minded individuals following the same passion, and before we knew it, we have grown and expanded through the years

One way of showing our appreciation to our most loyal and style-savvy Clozetters is through our Ambassador and Star Clozetter programs. Through these, we open wider possibilities and opportunities to some of our most exceptional members who have grown and stayed with us through the years. And that includes exclusive access to events, branded campaigns and projects, features, and more. We are always open to collaborating and learning more about people whose love for all the things we're passionate about is equal to ours. As the years went by, we have cultivated a space for content creators who aim to move forward into creating a better and more empowering community with us.

Women smiling for the camera in different events

Starting mid-2017, we have been getting a lot of inquiries on how to become Clozette Ambassadors and after months and months of strengthening and improving our screening process, we have decided to finally spill the beans on how we choose our Ambassadors and Stars. 

Women doing activities in various events


Proud of your content? So are we! We are always trying our hardest to show appreciation for our Community members who share their inspiring photos. Take our daily FAVE5 series, for example. That's why when we see someone who goes an extra mile to take their content to the next level, we make sure to take note and add them to our watchlist to see if they can be a part of our Star Clozetter or Ambassador program. 

Collage of women talking to each other

Social Media Presence

Once you've caught our eye with your content, we look at your social media assets. Just like your Clozette profile, we look into your aesthetic, your niche and your social media presence. We know that our Clozetters work hard in growing their network and improving their online branding so we make sure we reward those who have reached certain benchmarks. Starting mid-2017, we have set our threshold to a minimum of 2,000 Instagram followers for Star Clozetters and a minimum of 5,000 Instagram followers for our Clozette Ambassador program. 


We at Clozette value how you stay true not just to yourself but to your brand as well. We know that being an influencer can be tough especially with how saturated the industry has become, but we always make sure we look out for those who work their hardest to keep growing and improving organically. This is why apart from looking at how you build your brand and move your way into this Community, we believe in fostering truthfulness and authenticity in this industry by validating your social numbers through measurable and tangible means. This is through the use of statistics, strategies, and various tools to verify the validity of your social numbers. 

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Last but not the least, we try our hardest to connect and strengthen our relationships with our Community. So we make sure we not only look at our Clozetters on the surface level but see how they interact with their followers, fellow influencers and enthusiasts, and others at every opportunity we can. Besides our passion for beauty, fashion, wellness and aspirational lifestyle, we strongly uphold compassion, kindness and empowerment in Clozette and we want our Stars and Ambassadors to embody these values.



If you think about it, nobody really wants to destroy the world for good. After all, it's the only planet we can actually live in. But we understand that it can be overwhelming to start living an eco-friendly lifestyle since it's thought to be expensive and time-consuming. However, that's not true at all. There are various hassle-free ways to go green without blowing your budget. Remember that change starts with each individual a.k.a. you! So here are some easy and simple eco-friendly habits you can do right now to make a big difference. 

Buy local or go thrifting from time to time

A rack of clothes

Lately, the fashion industry has been getting some flak for being one of the largest contributors of textile waste. As a response, sustainable fashion is on the rise and that's good news, but most of these items have premium price points and even if we can afford these labels, it's still a bit inaccessible to us with all the added delivery fees. So what's the next best thing? Buy from local fashion brands or go thrifting. This way, you'll be able to update your wardrobe with unique pieces and give old clothes a new home.

Use eco-friendly beauty products

5 bottles of beauty products

Beyond Deep Moisture Shower Cream (250ml), Beyond Deep Moisture Body Emulsion (200ml), Beyond Professional Defense Shampoo (450ml), Professional Defense Conditioner (450ml), Professional Defense Scalp & Hair Treatment (150ml)

Choosing eco-friendly products is not just about dodging hazardous pesticides, it's also about not abusing the environment. Many of our beauty products contain ingredients that may be contributing to the pollution of waterways and contamination of soil. Aside from that, these products are also not the best option for you as they can irritate and damage the skin and scalp in the long run. By switching to eco-friendly beauty products, you're making the right choice for yourself and for the planet. Only go for products that have organic certifications like THEFACESHOP's Beyond Deep Moisture for the body and Professional Defense line from Beyond by THEFACESHOP for the hair, which are both certified by the KFDA (Korean Food & Drug Administration). They're also formulated with eco-friendly and antioxidant-rich ingredients like calendula, marshmallow and lady mantle. 

Practice proper clothing care

Clothes hanging on a rack and folded on a chair

Designer Vivienne Westwood once said, "Buy less, choose well and make it last." We couldn't agree more. When it comes to leading an eco-friendly lifestyle, it's not about doing more but actually doing less. In this case, taking proper care of your clothes will give them a longer lifespan. Research on how you can lift stains without damaging a certain fabric, know which ones need special care like dry cleaning. And of course, it's always better to let your clothes air dry than habitually using the dryer. In a nutshell, take care of what you already have.

Use reusables

Woman carrying a canvas bag

As much as possible, ditch things that can't be used more than once. From plastic utensils to bottled waters, limit your use of disposable items. Instead, get your own refillable water container, make it a habit to bring totes when going grocery shopping and so on. It will take a while to get used to but just keep making the effort and it will be easier in no time. 

Carpool or take public transportation

Woman in front of a moving train

It may not be as comfortable as driving your own car, but sharing a ride and taking public transportation are great ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Whenever you have the opportunity, arrange a carpool with officemates and friends after work or, if it's possible, even in the morning before you head to work. It will cut your transportation costs as well, so it's definitely a win-win situation. 



Same runway, different year. Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week is showing no signs of slowing down. Into its sixth year of fashion action, KL Fashion Week 2018 was, once again, a lavish showcase of style on and off the runway. A star-studded crowd lined the FROW (i.e. front row) while models strutted down an all-too-familiar KLFW stage at Pavilion KL, wearing trends that we’ll be sporting on the streets in the season to come.

Resort Chic

A collage of 3 outfits. First, a relaxed brown satin look; second an orange safari-style playsuit; third, a blue two-toned halter neck paired with white shorts.

Alia Bastamam; Syomirizwa Gupta; Tarik Jeans

Casual with a tinge of glamour — there were plenty of resort wear styles on the runway, but only a few stood out. Alia Bastamam served up a sensual lineup of ultra-luxe pieces that reflects the label’s DNA of relaxed sophistication. Syomirizwa Gupta played up the safari playsuit with a fun, printed two-piece number. Tarik Jeans made a regular bath towel wrapped around the head look acceptable on the streets with a two-toned halter neck, white shorts and a killer attitude.

Body Bag

A collage of 3 outfits. First, a man wearing polka dot sweater, red hoodie and matching red pants, and a black vest bag; second, a man wearing a black polo, a black ripped jeans and a black fanny pack; third, a man wearing a white sweater, camo cargo pants, and a camo fanny pack.

Nerdunit; Supercrew; JTNC by Justin Chew

The streetwear vibes were strong at Nerdunit, Supercrew and JTNC by Justin Chew, but it was the accessories that cemented their “hypebeast” title. Nerdunit debuted a vest bag — a cross between a vest and a bag — while Supercrew showed off a “now-classic” fanny pack that features compartments of varying sizes. JTNC by Justin Chew presented a new way of wearing the fanny pack: simply sling it over your neck like a necklace. Without a doubt, it takes a certain street cred to pull off the body bag look. No harm giving it a sling, but we say do it at your own risk.

Pastel Play

A collage of 3 looks. First, a lavender maxi dress with a bejeweled lavender ribbon tied at the waist; Second, a pink power suit worn with a white graphic tee; Third, a floral cheongsam with sheer tulle sleeves and silver glitter pants.

Azura Azwa; MimpiKita; Min Luna x Fashionvalet

Pastel shades can be equal parts delicate and sharp. Azura Azwa went for simple but elegant pastel jewel tones paired with their well-known turban headwear. MimpiKita featured a celebratory collection to honour the label’s 10th anniversary this year, with models strutting down founder and designer Nurul Zulkifli’s memory lane in soft pastels and delicate fabrics against prints and extravagant styling. Celebrity stylist Min Luna’s first clothing line in collaboration with Fashionvalet celebrated diversity and inclusivity — a much older female model sashayed down the runway in a sugary-tone tailored suit.

Royal Fit

Collage of 3 outfits. First, a multi-layered floral ensemble made of billowy sheer fabrics. Second, a sheer pink long-sleeved blouse and a flouncy beige midi skirt; Third, a dress with abstract beaded embellishments.

Fiziwoo; Arared; Farah Khan

Refined but refreshing, this fashion week saw a myriad of regal looks fit for fashion royalty. Inspired by the Hundred Flowers Movement of China’s Mao era in the 50s, Fiziwoo called out a conflicted time with captivatingly structured looks created with multiple layers of billowy, sheer fabrics. The role of monarchy lives on through the intricacy of the embellished floral motifs and luxurious materials. Arared’s flouncy midi skirt is an obvious choice for a royal occasion, while Farah Khan’s signature style of detailed embellishments would be a sure-hit among a flamboyant crowd.

Throwback Party

A collage of 3 looks. First, a colourful block-printed cip up jacket paired with white pants; Second, an orange turtleneck worn with a '70s style romper retro pop-art prints; Third, an iridescent belted suit.

Neonate; Ezuwan Ismail; Innai Red

Fashion goes full circle once again with sartorial revivals of past eras. Neonate brought back nostalgia closer to home with Malaysian references of the older days. Ezuwan Ismail proved that fashion can be fun and a little less boring with a retro pop-art tribute to multi-talented Malaysian legend P.Ramlee and singer-actress extraordinaire Saloma. As if to honour fashion in its entirety — past and present — Innai Red closed KLFW with a throwback Stardust collection of the blinged-out heydays of Studio 54.