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How Women In Different Countries Fill In Their Brows

The brows justify the means

By now, we already know the importance of having great brows. They frame the face and gives us a fresh, bright look. It's amazing how these bushes above our eyes can make or break our overall appearance. That's why even though most brow shaping techniques are annoying (at best) and painful, we still go back for another session just to keep those brows on fleek.

We all know that the work doesn't stop there either; we still have to be diligent in filling in our brows everyday for good measure. It's a beauty ritual that can bond women of different backgrounds. Aren't you curious how other women from different countries shape and fill in their brows? Well, here are just some examples.

South Korean Ladies: Straight Eyebrows 

In South Korea, there's a term called Bagel Face, a portmanteau word of bae (배) and gul (굴), which means baby and glamour respectively. This is the ideal beauty look for Koreans where you have a youthful face and a sexy body — so, kind of cute and sexy at the same time. In terms of beauty looks, this means that most Korean beauty trends are all about achieving that youthful aura. That's why for brows, most Korean girls go for the straight shape to mimic the natural shape of how our eyebrows looked when we were little. This look is best achieved with an angled brow brush and gel liner like Benefit's ka-BROW! eyebrow cream-gel color.

French Women: Natural Brows And Under Eyebrows

French women are known for their preference for natural beauty. That's why it's not surprising that their brows are shaped in a natural curve with a soft arch. This look suits those who have a more angular face as it gives an extra glam to their overall look. If you want to rock these brows, do it the French way and fill your eyebrows with soft brow powder that matches the shade of your natural hair colour.

There's also a new makeup look that's gaining attention and it is said to be popular amongst French ladies. It's called the "Under Eyebrow." It's when you draw brow lines below your brows. It's used to bring attention to your eyebrows. Quite interesting, right?

Indian Women: Thick And Defined Eyebrows

You'll rarely see an Indian woman with sparse eyebrows since most of them are blessed with luscious thick hair... even in their brows. Through threading (a popular brow shaping technique in India), they shape their brows with a full arch and an obvious peak. This makes their brows look distinct, giving the face an appearance of empowerment and confidence. To achieve this brow look, you have to have your brows waxed or threaded first. Pick an eyebrow pencil with a colour one or two shades darker than your natural brow colour and fill in your brows boldly.

American Ladies: Microblading

Microblading gained popularity in America as a way to simulate a full brow look if you have naturally thin brows. It's almost similar to having a tattoo, but microblading is more precise in drawing the single strokes that resembles brow strands. It uses fine needles to deposit pigments to create the brow look that you desire. The procedure has a relatively hefty price but for the sake of brows on fleek it may be worth your money. 

(Cover photo from: kiyokoyasuda)

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