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Human Nature And Robinsons Supermarket Invite You To Rethink Your Pink

We're almost at the brink of October but the call for Breast Cancer Awareness is still not over. One of the things that is put into high importance, especially when it comes to this advocacy is having a healthy lifestyle. This is why Human Nature, in partnership with Robinsons Supermarket, invites everyone to join their Rethink Your Pink campaign, which is an initiative that aims to guides consumers on what to avoid in their personal and home care products. 

As most synthetic personal care and cosmetic products use chemicals like parabens, triclosan/triclocarban, synthetic fragrances, SLS/SLES, and petroleum/mineral oil which have been linked to serious health risks, Rethink Your Pink emphasizes on the need for shoppers to decipher labels and help them identify ingredients that have been tagged as potentially harmful to the health. 

“Robinsons Supermarket’s mission is to educate and empower consumers to make the healthier choice. With like-minded partners such as Human Nature, we will be able to spread the message of wellness better through their products, services and campaigns.” - Jody Gadia, Robinsons Supermarket Corporation General Manager

Here's a simplified guide of Human Nature and Robinsons Supermarket's Rethink Your Pink campaign: 

So the next time you go shopping to fill in your beauty stash, always keep your health in mind and don't forget to check the label! 


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