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It's no secret that brows are a hot topic in the beauty world. Decade by decade, the definition of 'perfect brows' shifts. We went from overplucking our eyebrows to get that thin, wispy line to using lash serum to thicken our brows. Celebrities have always been a force in influencing brow trends, and today there are no other brows more popular than Cara Delavinge's. Her full, shaped and fluffed eyebrows are the envy of many ladies. But how do we achieve something that we're not naturally born with? It's easy enough to pluck hairs, but growing lush brows is another game.

Glossier Boy Brow in black

Enter the Boy Brow. It was one of Glossier's first products and remains to be a best-seller. Boy Brow's promise is simple: It's an all-in-one product. You don't have to use another tool to thicken, fill in, and groom brows. Everything you need to achieve that natural-looking full brows is in a 3.12g bottle. It sounds like a dream, so we decided to try it out for ourselves. We bought it for PHP999 from a reputable Shopee account. 

"My brows are admittedly the part of my face I have yet to perfect in terms of makeup application. I'm not really one to try getting a perfect pair because they don't look natural — they're cousins, not sisters, after all — but I do appreciate well-groomed brows, especially when they're done with minimal effort. So hearing all the raves for the Glossier Boy Brow got me excited to try the product.

Above: before; Below: after

Compared with eyebrow gels I've tried before, I'd say the Boy Brow is good but not as stellar as others have touted it to be. Granted, this is based on just a first impression. I'd say the product worked well in the sense that it did groom my brows and make them look a bit fuller than they usually are but still natural. The price tag is what makes me feel like it's OK to give this a pass. I think there are more inexpensive options that give the same results."

"I usually prefer wax and powder for my brows, so brow gels are new territory. I had high hopes for this product considering the price vs. product size ratio but was dismayed as soon as I started using it. While the darkest shade (black) worked well for me despite the contrast to my dyed hair, the consistency of the product itself felt like brushing mascara over my brows. It also has the tendency to be clumpy if you don't apply it lighthandedly, and while the brush is promising, there's just something about the formula that keeps the hairs stick together in a weird and stiff kind of way.

Above: before; Below: after

It did an okay job making my brows look groomed once it set but application took a lot of effort. Overall, it's not a bad product, but it's not something I would consider repurchasing considering the effort and time in applying plus the price point."

"I've never used any brow products until Glossier so I have nothing to compare it to. I was born with thick, long brows that are as black as they can be. Upon using the Boy Brow for the first time, I felt like my brows ended up looking ridiculous. It could be my untrained hands applying way too much product which caused it to clump. I feel like if I had used the clear version of the Boy Brow, the results would have been better. 

Above: before; Below: after

After the initial impression, I still decided to give it a try for three weeks. My experience improved a little when I discovered that by being very light-handed and applying a few strokes, the Boy Brow could act as a gel to hold my brows in place. Overall, I think that this product in this particular shade is not for me because I already have full brows. Maybe, I'll try the clear variant in the future and see if there's a difference."

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Here comes the sun, and with it is the sweltering heat that we have to face. As for us, we're keeping it cool by updating our stash of some summer essentials. From breathable sneaker designs to brightening cleansers, here are our must-haves for this season. 


Creative Director


"Sneakers will always be a staple; they transcend trends. And that's why I'm always on the hunt for some good kicks. I want my sneakers to give both comfort and style, no less. The new Cole Haan 2.ZERØGRAND with Stitchlite™ technology is certainly right up my alley. It looks light on the feet, has a breathable design which is good for the humid summer, and the colour selections are really great — a perfect pick for this season!"




"I recently got started on a strength training program. Since I am one of those people who work out with music, I began searching for a sturdy pair of headphones to amplify my workout. The JBL Reflect Fit is designed to stay in place with its flexible neckband and ergonomic ear tips. It’s also sweat-proof and wireless so I never have to worry about fussing over tangled wires. It also comes with a heart monitor technology that is compatible with most workout apps. I’m calling it my workout buddy."



"When you have to leave the house even though it's super hot — that's summer for you! — the solution is easy dressing. My take on summer style with ultimate ease is a printed jumpsuit, and I already have my eyes on this emerald-coloured with floral print from Stradivarius' Spring/Summer 2018 collection."


Features Writer and Campaign Executive

"Shoes are all about taking us to great places and that's why I love mine with a hint of quirkiness without compromising comfort and style. The Rejina Pyo Barbara Suede Pumps from Net-a-Porter combines all that with its unique heel detailing mixed with a timeless red-and-black colour theme that can either mean business or casual fun. The carefree design is also perfect for the summer season!"


Features Writer and Community Specialist

SGD52 (150ml)

"The cleanser that I'm using right now is already running low, so I'm on the hunt for a new one. Since summer is fast approaching, I want to switch to an exfoliating cleanser that can help brighten my skin and prevent dark spots. The Snowise Cleansing Foam from Sulwhasoo appeals to me because not only does it promise to give a clearer complexion but the milky foam texture is something that I really prefer in my cleansers. Not a fan of harsh scrubs at all." 


Community & Content Executive

SGD16 (innisfreeworld.com)

"As someone with pale lips, I am quite religious when it comes to applying lip colour. I love all kinds of lip finishes, from matte to comforting creamy lipsticks. Innisfree's latest range of Vivid Creamy Tints, which has 12 brilliant hues, is perfect for adding just the right amount of colour to my lips. Also, it features both bright and dark hues that can be matched according to my mood and outfit for the summer."

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By now, we're sure you've already been bitten by the K-Beauty bug — or at least have heard of its promise and wonder. But just like us, we're sure that you may sometimes find that the world of K-Beauty is as confusing as it is fascinating, especially since most of us don't read or speak their language. You don't have to burrow your frows whenever you come across an unfamiliar yet ubiquitous K-Beauty term, though, because we're helping you get acquainted with some of them. Below, a list of must-know K-Beauty terms to add to your vocabulary.


Most of us are used to concealing our undereye area, but the Koreans do just the opposite. Aegyosal is the plump part under your eyes — or what we more commonly refer to as eyebags. Instead of hiding this baggage, Koreans usually emphasise them with shimmer or colour for a more youthful look.

(Photo from: marialyssa)


Ampoule is a common K-Beauty term and you've most probably come across it once or twice now. But if you're a Korean skincare newbie, you might be surprised or even confused about how to use it or what it is for. To put simply, ampoules are hyper-concentrated serums. They're not meant to replace your serums but rather be an addition to your routine like a special treatment. It's applied before your essence or serum.


We're sure you've already seen the glass skin trend. Well, think of the chok-chok as the mother of that trend as well as other hydrated-skin-related trends like honey skin. It refers to skin that is super hydrated, it actually looks radiant and moist.

(Photo from: Jeankuah)


What in the world of beauty is an emulsion and what does it do? If you ever encounter this word on a product, just know that you have the option to say no. An emulsion is a slightly watery moisturiser, and depending on the brand, you can use it before or right after applying the essence. While it's included in many multi-step routines, emulsions don't really give effects as great as serums. They lend a moisturising effect but you can happily skip this one.


Similar to chok-chok, gwang is a term used to describe dewy, lit-from-within skin that looks really radiant. The difference is there is a variation when it comes to how gwang the skin is. There's glossy and almost glass-like  (kkul-gwang), a subtle sheen (mul-gwang), and one that looks lit-from-within (sok-gwang).

(Photo from: ReginaChow)

King Swab

This refers to swabs that look like giant Q-tips, which are actually cotton swabs that are pre-soaked with exfoliating ingredients. 

Modelling masks

When you first encounter the term, you'd probably think they're some sort of clay you use to make models of things. But in the K-Beauty world, modelling masks are actually the same as rubber masks, which are not really made of rubber but have a similar texture or consistency. They're often used for their ability to give the skin extra hydration.

(Photo from: Paperkitties)


This term is used for a certain type of packaging for face creams. Instead of the usual, monodoses are shaped like spheres. So you just take one 'ball' for each time you need to moisturise — like one dose, if you will — which is great if you're someone who is always wary of your products being breeding ground for bacteria.


When we think of 'packs', we think of quantity or packaging. In K-Beauty terms, though, packs refer to masks — different types of it but excluding sheet masks. So anything that you slather on your face, whether it's a gel, cream or clay, it's a pack.

(Photo from: TrishhYoungg)


A portmanteau of the words 'pollution' and 'ageing', this is one of the many skin troubles Koreans want to avoid. This is also why you'd notice that there are quite a number of products from Korean brands that are targeted to combat the effects of pollution on the skin.


Okay, so we all know what the word 'skin' means, right? Well, in K-Beauty, it's not exactly referring to the largest organ of the body. It actually refers to hydrating toners, which are also known as skin softeners. They're not as thick as moisturisers but are not as light as common watery toners. It's meant to balance the skin's pH and moisturise it after cleansing, as well as prepare the skin for the next steps. 

(Photo from: youniqbeauty)

Zzon Zzon

We all know how Koreans love supple skin that has lots of bounce. Well, this is the perfect term to describe it. So when you see someone whose skin is plump, you can compliment them saying how much you love their zzon zzon skin.

(Cover photo from: Jeankuah)

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