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This month of March, we embark on a new feature series called “I Am Her” – where we feature the female movers and shakers of the industry to learn how femininity and power coincide beautifully and seamlessly together.

Angie Lai-Tay is the founder and creative brain behind jewellery brand ALT. The mother of two is also the co-founder of online accessories store Curated Editions and fashion label Thavia. If you’ve met her, you’d wonder how she still has the energy to soldier through it all with gusto and tenacity.

She’s crazy enough (not our words, but hers), and her creativity knows no boundaries. She is also a strong advocate for female empowerment, and that is why we had to get Angie on board our March series.

When I was introduced to Angie at the launch of the ALT x ELYX Copper Collection, a limited edition jewellery collection with philanthropy in mind, I was immediately taken by her candidness. Is she crazy? Well, just like what Alice said to the Mad Hatter: “All the best people usually are.”

Fill in the blank: I am a jewellery designer, an entrepreneur, and I am ___________.

Crazy – that’s what everybody says! Because I think I’m very out there, and everything I do seem to be a few steps ahead of the curve. Not because I’m clever, but because I think I dream a lot out of the box. My designs are very daring. I did crowns four years back. Last season, Saint Laurent did crowns.

It’s not like they searched for something to copy, but it’s just I like to think of things that people don’t usually think about. For example, my Victoria Shoulder Epaulet – I actually designed it for myself. I really didn’t think anybody was going to buy it. In the end, it was the first thing that was sold. [All] because I’m crazy enough.

You’re also a mother of two adorable kids. How do you juggle your many roles?

I think you have to have a very good, strong core team – my core team [and] cheerleaders being my husband, my mother and my mother-in-law. Everybody is there to do things like picking up the kids, doing homework with them, and doing all the logistics.

It’s very important to be a positive person if you want to juggle so many roles. If you want to do so many things as an entrepreneur, you just need to keep an open mind. You can’t have your list from one to 10 and check them all off. It just does not happen. You need to be flexible, positive, and if things don’t go to plan, just leave it as it is.


Tell us about the ALT x ELYX Copper collection.

The collaboration puts creativity at the forefront of a global movement and sustainability, to foster a conscious way for us to approach fashion or lifestyle.

A lot of people didn’t think that Elyx and ALT – an alcohol brand and an accessories brand – would go together. But Absolut themselves are making a lot of philanthropic efforts, which might or might not come across in their PR. ALT is all about upcycling and sustainability. I use what is already out there. These jewellery pieces are made from old bombshells in Cambodia, which are essentially brass and metal anyway. What we do is we have them all melted down and reimagined into something very wearable.

I stumbled upon this fair trade company in Cambodia where they work with people affected by the war. My guy who does the big cuffs lost one of his limbs, and he’s so young but affected by the war. We work with women who make smaller pieces, so they can bring the pieces back home to work while looking after their family. I wanted to specifically give back to the community, not by leaving them a trust fund. I want to give them skills to earn themselves. Otherwise it’s just a short-term thing.

You’re the definition of looking good while doing what you do. How do you stay inspired and empowered to make that happen every day?

First, I would say I’m vain by nature. I think it’s very rude to go out looking bad when you’re meeting people, to be honest. And also because I have children, you need to inspire her. You want her to know that you can do it all – maybe not perfect in every sense – but you try your best. I want her to respect me. If you’re well put-together, it means that you’re current in the world. Most importantly, I think it’s very rude to go out not put-together. Obviously you don’t blow your hair. [So] for crying out loud, put on a nicely pressed shirt!


Share with us five essentials in your Clozette.

My concealer, white shirt, black pants, boots – it’s basically my uniform. Lip balm and a peppermint spray. That’s my pick-me-up.

If you could design a jewellery piece for anyone in the world, who would you design it for? Describe your design.

Cleopatra. The idea of her is very powerful. There were many queens, but why did she stand out? Was it because she was out of this world? Was it because of her beauty choices, or choices in general? But the idea of her being so powerful and being remembered now is something I resonate with. Obviously because my pieces, I think, would suit her very well. She dared to be who she was. [This jewellery piece would be] big, loud, and in your face.


The ALT x ELYX collection is now available at www.ALTthecollection.com. Discover more inspiring women featured in the "I Am Her" series here.



Along with the rest of the world, the fashion industry continues to grow and evolve. While we think we have already seen every trend and style imaginable, there are still a lot of surprises courtesy of the creative minds in the industry. So, what’s next?

Continuing the trend of providing an avenue for lovers of fashion to take inspiration from meticulously designed and crafted pieces, Manila Fashion Festival is set to give the world a peek at what’s next from our country’s creative fashion designers. Here are the things to watch out for.


Amazing shows

Showcasing their talents and craftsmanship, the creme de la creme of the fashion industry will share their latest creations at The Marquee at EDSA Shangri-la Manila. The four-day event will feature a roster of esteemed designers as well as a new breed of tastemakers.

On the first day of the event, fans will see creations by Pablo Cabahug, Azucar, Cheetah Rivera, Jaz Cerezo, and Veejay Floresca. The second day will feature shows by Darirué, Reyna Chukada, ESME, Mae-Ann Veloso, CJ Martin, PHILIPS, Jinggay Serag, Anthony Ramirez, ARIN, Daryl Maat, and Martin Bautista. On the third day, shows from Sassa Jimenez, Renan Pacson, Chris Diaz, Brit Tripudio, Jun Jun Ablaza, and SoFA (School of Fashion and the Arts) graduates will take centerstage. The last day of the event will feature shows by Randy Ortiz, BARBA, Rhett Eala, and Folded & Hung.

Beauty Trends

Aside from fashion trends, MFF will also be a venue for lovers of beauty to see what trends will dominate the season. With makeup looks by MAC Cosmetics artists and hair styles created by artists from Folded & Hung’s Famous Salon, trends are sure to be set and show-stopping looks are sure to dominate.


New Breed of Designers

The Manila Fashion Festival is not just a place for designers who have already been part of the industry for quite some time to update their fans on what’s the latest from them. The event is also an avenue for a new breed of designers to show the world what they are made of. This year, MFF will hold a show featuring a batch of designers who will graduate from the School of Fashion and the Arts. Apart from that, aspiring designers who want to bring their talents to the forefront not just in the country but the rest of Southeast Asia can join the AirAsia Runway Ready Designers Search. Two hopefuls will get the chance to showcase their work at the 2017 Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week in August.


Catch the Manila Fashion Festival from March 21 to 24 at The Marquee EDSA Shangri-La Manila.



(Cover photo from: @ritueldefille)

We’re halfway through March, friends. The days are getting hotter, and that could only mean one thing — summer is approaching. The coming of a new season gives us a renewed perspective. We’re looking forward to a lot of new things in the coming months — there are a lot of exciting things happening! — but for now, we want to share our excitement over fun things that happened in the worlds of beauty, fashion and more this week. 

Let’s recap the highlights of the week together.


Black Anti-Highlighter

Since we’re talking highlights, we may as well start with one. Well, it’s not exactly a highlighter but something of the opposite nature. Rituel de Fille has released a creme pigment called Eclipse Inner Glow, and it’s meant to be a “black blush, contour, cream eyeshadow and lipstick” in one.

Unicorn Wands

From one whimsical thing to another, here’s something that would tickle the fancy of fans of unicorn tales (pun intended). Tarte Cosmetics has released a line of brushes with handles that mimic unicorn horns.



Having the right beauty tools is important to make sure that you achieve the look you want. If you’re in Singapore, finding the right tools and products won’t be a hassle as Luxasia has recently opened its pop-up store called #byob Your Beauty Playground. Visit them at the Suntec City Mall, Tower North Atrium as soon as you can because it’ll only be there for a limited time.

Beauty in Motion

For many of us, doing our beauty routine is therapeutic. So it requires being in a place where we’re comfortable and at peace. One girl from the Philippines, however, has tried to prove that you can achieve the look you want no matter where you are — even on top of a moving tricycle.



If you’re not as adventurous as the girl we mentioned, perhaps you’ll appreciate this kind of fun time. ULTRA Worldwide will hold its first phase in a series of festivals in Singapore and South Korea on June 10-11. Enjoy music from acts including Tiesto, Sasha & Digweed and Dash Berlin at the Ultra Park, 1 Bayfront Avenue Singapore.

Lindsay Lohan’s New Venture

From something “out there” to something a bit more subdued, Lindsay Lohan has dipped her toes into fashion once again, but this time it looks like she’s heading toward the modest department. The actress posted a photo of herself wearing a hijab to tease her upcoming project.


Smashing Releases

Smashbox is back and better than ever! New releases are here, and they are to die for. Visit Sephora at Ion to get your hands on the coveted products.

Woohoo for a woman!

Givenchy has just announced who will take over for Riccardo Tiscci, who left the brand after 12 years. Claire Waight Keller is the fashion house's new artistic director, and she's the brand's first female creative head.


Last week was as jam-packed with fun stuff as this one. Missed it? Read about what happened here.